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1. Prepare for activation

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Your SIM is on its way and you will receive it within 3 to 4 working days. Let's make the most of this time to prepare everything for the moment you’ll receive it. The 5 articles below contain all the information you need to make joining giffgaff the best decision you made for your mobile life.

1. Prepare for Activation
2. Configure your Device
3. Keep your Number
4. Future Top-ups
5. Earn payback


  • Your new SIM card
  • Your credit/debit card or a voucher
  • Your phone or tablet

Check first that your area is covered and the SIM is accepted by your phone. If it is not, your phone is likely locked to another network.

Go to the website to confirm it arrived safe and sound. Just enter the 6 digit activation code printed on the plastic card, and follow the information on the screen.

Activating your SIM is also the moment when you register your details and make your first purchase. When the activation is over, we give you your new phone number and you can start using it. If you prefer to keep your existing phone number, don't worry, you can ask to transfer it later.

Top tips:

  • Always give accurate information (it is used for payments and to deliver new SIMs)
  • Choose a cool member name, you can't change it afterwards
  • The serial number (SSN) is printed on the SIM card can be used instead of the activation code

The SIM card is always activated after processing your first top-up. You will be asked to top-up or buy a goodybag unless you have pre-paid for a plan upfront. 

If you didn't, take your time to select the most appropriate plan for your usage. This purchase can be paid with a debit/credit card or with a voucher.

Top tips:

  • goodybags last for 1 month and are described on our Offer page.
  • You can only use one goodybag per month but it is possible to purchase a new goodybag if you have used up the allowance of the active goodybag
  • You can purchase a different goodybag every month or choose to renew your favourite one automatically each month.
  • Using a BlackBerry earlier than BB10? Then don't forget to activate BlackBerry services after you have activated.
  • Vouchers from O2 can be used on giffgaff.

When the activation is over and you can use your shiny giffgaff SIM, we will then propose you to configure your phone. Don't skip this step as we will make sure your phone is ready for Internet and MMS. We will also propose you to transfer your existing phone number to giffgaff. If you want to prepare for this step, you can contact your existing provider and ask a Porting Authorisation Code (PAC). This code is valid for 30 days and is needed to transfer your phone number into giffgaff.

Top tips:

  • You can ask for your PAC even if you are not sure you will transfer your number, it will stop being valid after 30 days if not used.
  • Provided you met your contractual obligations, you can transfer your number at any time.

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