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3. Keep your Number

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Now that your SIM card is activated and you can use Internet on your phone, you might want to keep your phone number and transfer it to your new SIM, if you do then this is the article for you. You will need to have your PAC (Porting Authorisation Code). Read below to find out what it is and how you get it.

1. Prepare for Activation
2. Configure your Device
3. Keep your Number
4. Future Top-ups
5. Earn payback


Call up your previous network and request your PAC. You'll find below the contact details for each mobile provider, you can also find more information on the website of your previous mobile network.


Phone Number


O2 0800 028 8151 Ask for "Retentions"
3 0333 338 1001 Ask for "Retentions"
EE (Orange and T-Mobile) 08000 790 026 Also, follow this link for more options.
Vodafone 03333 040 191 Say you need your PAC
Tesco Mobile 0345 301 4455 Say you need your PAC
Asda Mobile 0800 079 2732 Say you need your PAC
Virgin Mobile 0808 100 8282 Ask to be put through to Customer Services
Talk Mobile 0333 304 8064 Ask to be put through to Customer Services
Lyca Mobile 0800 652 7566 Ask for "Retentions"
Lebara Mobile 020 7031 0791 Say you need your PAC
Vectone Mobile 020 7179 0134 Say you need your PAC
Plusnet 0800 079 1133

Say you need your PAC

Voxi 0333 304 3222 

Say you need your PAC

BT Mobile 0800 800 150

Say you need your PAC

Smarty N/A

Follow this link

Sky Mobile 03300 412 524

Say you need your PAC

Superdrug N/A

Follow this link

Transferring your number will deactivate your old SIM so you need to transfer any data you might want to keep from your old SIM card to your phone memory.

Ensure you have made a note of all your important numbers on your old SIM / mobile, or any data from your message folders, as well as calendar reminders as these, will not be transferred with your mobile number and may be lost.

Note that credits and minutes can't be transferred from a network provider to another. If you have remaining credits with your previous mobile phone provider, they will be lost when your old SIM will be deactivated.

Once you are ready to transfer your number, you can submit your PAC.

If you request to transfer your number before 5pm, your number will be transferred the next day.

Day of request (Requests Before 5pm):

Day of transfer:

Saturday, Sunday & Monday










To submit your PAC:

  • Login to My giffgaff
  • Check your SIM is active by looking for your mobile number
  • Click on the Transfer your number form
  • Fill the form, including the number you wish to transfer, the PAC and the date you wish the transfer to take place on. This date must be within the next 14 days
  • Verify this information to avoid any delay
  • Click on "Transfer your number"

That's it, you just have to wait for the transfer to go through.

On the day of the transfer, you will experience a loss of service on your old SIM at some stage between approximately 9am and 6pm. As the process is dependent on your previous mobile operator releasing your number, we cannot offer assurances about the length of time you will be without service.

When you lose service on your old SIM, you will see an error message similar to "SIM card registration failed." At this point, you should put your new SIM into your mobile, your number will be transferred.

You are now ready to get going and there is nothing more you need to do at this stage. The following article gives information about how to anticipate your future credit and goodybag purchases.

To prepare for this step, we advise you to check your usage regularly, so that you can purchase the most appropriate plan for your needs.

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