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Let's see and share some of your favourite animals. August challenge.

Started by: premierphotosuk
On: 01/08/2018 | 11:53
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by: premierphotosuk
on: 01/08/2018 | 11:53 edited: 01/08/2018 | 12:05

Well gaffers, I can't believe it's now August, and time for another challenge, this one its all about animals, whether their your favourites or animals or ones you just like.Smiley Wink


I thought it's time, and another Challenge to get you teeth into, also to add I would like thank everyone for taking part in the last couple of Challenges in June and July. Great photos everyoneSmiley Happy


So I will kick this one off: Here are two photos of mine I did of a Mallard duck in a local lake near me.



11198368-B624-4967-B73C-3300C8450EAD.jpegpremierphotosuk 1of2


F9D8FAD7-B21E-45E5-9B42-0D1E87AED7FC.jpegpremierphotosuk 2of2

Rules: Any photos of any animal or animals you like, or is a favourite of yours, as long as you've taken the photo, also please remember to keep it to one photo per post, but you can post and add as many as you like for all the gaffers to see.


You can use any device to take your photos and everyone is welcome wether your a novice or a professional.  No one is judged and just enjoy taken part and having fun, looking forward to seeing everyone's photos.


EnjoySmiley Happy

On now in the photography board. Join in here Let's see and share some of your favourite animals. August challenge.

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by: yvonnearmstrong
on: 01/08/2018 | 15:24

Another great challenge👍

Thank you

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by: yvonnearmstrong
on: 01/08/2018 | 15:32

20180624_212426-01~3.jpegOur resident hedgehog


We've called the hedgehog Benson and there's another one we've called hedges but he was somewhere else🤩



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by: themrbarso
on: 01/08/2018 | 20:45
@yvonnearmstrong - and another pair you could call Lambert & Butler..........sorry I'll get my coat!
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by: themrbarso
on: 01/08/2018 | 20:50

A Poser.jpgHe's a right poser

I know I've posted a lot of this horny one lately but here's a photo of him without any interference from anything else. This was taken back in 2012 with the first outing of my  Canon 600D and 18-55 kit lens.

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by: nathgaff
on: 02/08/2018 | 00:28

B2D0D32F-48B1-4E73-82FA-8F53A2109FE9.jpegMy favourite animal, my cat, Binx, in my guitar bag!


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by: brulaw
on: 02/08/2018 | 03:15 edited: 02/08/2018 | 03:16



Another good challenge .... I know it's naughty  but I've combined two snaps into one , I only have the two pictures of Tiga  ( friends daughters Boxer  ) and I just couldn't choose which one to use  .... so , I didn't  I made them into one  , she was only a couple of months old when  I took the snaps .


Here we go ...............  

Tiga the Boxer.pngTiga the Boxer



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by: markulous
on: 02/08/2018 | 08:56

Ooooh, another nice challenge (well, OK, they all are! Smiley Very Happy)

I'll see your wild duck and raise you 3 domestic ducks Smiley Happy

_MG_3566.jpgCanon 7D, 70-200

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by: premierphotosuk
on: 02/08/2018 | 12:10

Hi, fellow gaffers, it's great to see already a few of you sharing your wonderful photos of your animals.Smiley Happy


@yvonnearmstrong Thanks As always Yvonne for the support you show and have shown in thes challenges.


I love hedgehogs and Benson is great and looks like he is enjoying his life in your garden. It's a shame you diden't get Hedges in the same photo, it surely would have been a family affair. Well doneSmiley Wink


@themrbarso What you like (lambert & butler) lol. Almost as bad as Laurel and HardySmiley LOL


Great to see the old deer you have posted up, he looks a little horny, but I would be more worried if he got the humpSmiley Tongue Nice to see you joking about and joining in again🤘


@nathgaff lovely to see your furry friend joining the party. He looks very chilled in you guitar bag, and it's almost like he's saying get away from me I want to rest. Thanks for getting and sharing your photo with us and he will be one of the gaffers favourites.👍🏻


@brulaw What you like adding your two photos in one post. But I suppose I shouldent have done it eitherSmiley LOL


But im allowed as I'm hosting this hahahaha.Smiley Surprised


Anyway Bruce I have seen that little puppy on giffgaff before, I remember you posting on another challenge last year, and you was cheeky then by posting it in the thread for something else, naughty, but not to worry as Tiga is so cute and I know he was a hit last year nice one. Smiley Happy


Well, well @markulous you really have done it haven't you by raising the stakes with the three wise geese. Absolutely love em and you've really started me off now? Lovely pic, well done aginSmiley Wink


So now I'm gonna give you three to match the stakes..Smiley LOLSmiley LOLSmiley LOL The three T.I.T.S.



E30B2C83-4C6C-44AC-8327-C758EF74CE71.jpegThe three T.I.T.S


I'm glad all of you gaffers also like these challenges and joining in. I feel when members appreciate them it makes me feel like it's worth doing them, so thank you and everyone that gets involved in themSmiley Happy 


Thank you all so far.👍🏻

On now in the photography board. Join in here Let's see and share some of your favourite animals. August challenge.

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by: chesterdraws
on: 02/08/2018 | 20:16

Here’s my dog Stanley 1EE300B7-B45D-48D6-AE05-3371AB161355.jpeg


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