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10,000 best answers

Started by: bobrobinson
On: 17/01/2018 | 15:43
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by: bobrobinson
on: 17/01/2018 | 15:43
Thats an amazing amount of best answers Well done guys
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by: zzzzz89
on: 17/01/2018 | 23:24
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by: ilonushka
on: 18/01/2018 | 20:30
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by: payne_3
on: 21/01/2018 | 21:09
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by: jesi23
on: 22/01/2018 | 15:29
Well done all three of you for your amazing persistence and dedication on our site! I always know when you have participated in a thread asking for help that the best help I can give is Adding my kudo to your answer - when one of my new ‘buddies’ asked a question and sloz gave the correct answer I advised him that site etiquette would suggest he awarded a Best Answer to that answer … so I was chuffed when he took my advice.
Please don't forget to come back after your problem has been resolved and select a best answer.
Also consider a kudos [+★] for any member who helped.
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