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Started by: lakheem
On: 18/01/2018 | 18:06
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by: den60
on: 28/03/2018 | 20:52
every time I answer a message off messenger giffgaff charge me is that right.
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by: bikerchic1
on: 14/07/2018 | 03:37
I am in thailand until 2nd august i would like to put my sim in now but not activate until 31st july is this possible
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by: blackwood121
on: 05/04/2019 | 17:09
I lost my phone and replaced it with a new phone and chip,my contacts started coming back until recently I noticed that my contacts have started to dissipate now I seem to have lost my most important contacts is the a way to get them back??
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by: karlb71421
on: 01/08/2019 | 17:02
I have tried getting help after paying for £25 goodybag and not getting it IV left messages 16 days ago I contacted giffgaff and had no help will you help me please I have tried for the help but no agent has contacted me I need internet for work and my 3 year old son who has a brain condition witch I have private consultant worker to assess my son's health dayly I'm having to travel 10 miles a day for results witch if I had the data plan these would be emailed to me I'm so upset because all agents IV contacted are offline please help me 😂
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