iOS 7: Internet and MMS set-up

Since iOS version 7.1.1, giffgaff is an official Apple carrier, which makes using an iPhone on giffgaff much easier.  If you are using an older version of iOS we advise you to update to the latest version. 






Why update iOS

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As a general rule, we always advise you to update to the latest version of your phone software so you can enjoy the latest features, and ensure you are using the safest version.


If you are currently using a version of iOS older than 7.1.1, you are missing the following features which the new version brings:


  • The network logo displays giffgaff instead of O2-UK
  • The voicemail button is set to dial 443
  • The Internet and MMS settings are managed automatically, minimising possible troubles using Internet and MMS
  • You can now use the personal hotspot function (not to be used if you have a goodybag with an unlimited data allowance)



How to update

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 To update your iDevice to the last available version of iOS, you can do the following:


  1. Go to "Settings"
  2. Tap "General" - if there is a newer version available, a notification is displayed next to the label
  3. The details of the version are displayed, tap "Install now"
  4. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions
  5. The installation starts
  6. Your iDevice will reboot
  7. All done, enjoy the new version


It's also possible to update iOS to the latest version by plugging your iDevice into your computer. Launch iTunes and select your device. You can then check for the latest update and install it.


During the update, if prompted you should reset the carrier profile - this is the default answer. This will make sure that you are using the most up-to-date Internet and MMS settings.


This will replace your current profile with giffgaff's Internet settings, including the parameters which can't be modified manually (e.g. proxy settings). MMS settings must be modified manually, see below.


Manual update of MMS Settings


  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Cellular (or Mobile)
  3. Go to Cellular Data (or Mobile Data)
  4. Under MMS, enter these settings:
    • APN -
    • Username - giffgaff
    • Password - [leave blank]
    • MMSC -
    • MMS Proxy -
    • MMS Max Message Size - 2097152
    • MMS UA Prof URL - [leave blank]
  5. Switch mobile data off and on

N.B. MMS will NOT work unless 3G is ON. (Settings > General > Network) Make sure Enable 3G is set to ON



After the update

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If you just updated, share your first impressions with the community.  Love it or Hate it , it will be valuable feedback for all the iPhone users on giffgaff.


If you are not already using it, have a look at our iPhone app, it's the best companion for all iPhone users on giffgaff.





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iOS 7: Internet and MMS set-up

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