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Can I change my Mobile Number?


Can I change my Mobile Number?


Yes you can but if it's due to a nuisance call we'd advise you to let us know so we can investigate it further.


If the nuisance calls/texts are Premium Rate Services then you can stop them by texting STOP to the shortcode number of these services.


Alternatively, please contact an agent and give us details about the calls/texts you are receiving.


If you just want to change your number and with effect from April 2015, there are two methods available. Before you start note that whichever method you choose you will be allocated a random number.


If you want to choose your number or want a memorable number then you will need to purchase a premium number elsewhere and transfer (port) it into giffgaff.



Method 1 - Self service

  • Log in here
  • Read and follow the instructions and warnings.
  • Click Change my number.
  • On the next page confirm that you wish to go ahead. This is permanent, you cannot get your old number back after you've confirmed you wish to go ahead.

Your number will be changed within 4 hours. Your credit and goodybags will not be shown on your account until the new number is ready.


This service is only available between 4.30am and 9.30pm and can only be used once per account. If you need to change your number again, please use method 2 shown below.



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Method 2 - Contact an agent

  • Contact an agent
  • Select incoming calls from the list of call types to bar (otherwise the form will not submit).
  • Click Yes to Do you wish to have your number changed?
  • When your new number is ready, you will be given instructions on what to do next.
  • Wait while the new number activates and you're good to go.



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Can I change my Mobile Number?

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