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Guide to queued goodybags

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A queued goodybag is a great facility that allows purchasing a goodybag in advance, thus ensuring a smooth continuation of service when the current goodybag expires.

More Information

Queued goodybags are an alternative to recurring goodybags which allow you to manage your giffgaff purchases in advance to avoid finding yourself without an active goodybag.

The principle is very simple. Once you have an active goodybag, you can buy another one that will be triggered as soon as the current goodybag expires.

You can queue any goodybag independently of your current goodybag. The payment is made at the moment of purchase from your existing credit, voucher, credit / debit card or PayPal.

Please Note: Due to technical reasons you cannot queue a goodybag between 7:30PM and midnight on the expiry day of an active goodybag.

They can be great when:

  • You want to queue a different goodybag from one month to the other
  • You want to buy your next goodybag from your existing balance
  • You want to pay for two months of purchase up front (e.g. to match the value of your voucher)

To queue a goodybag is essentially the same operation as buying a goodybag:

  • Login to your account, click on the Buy a goodybag button and select goodybags.
  • Select the goodybag you wish to queue and in your basket you'll notice its start date immediately following the end date of your active goodybag.
    • If you wish to pay for this purchase with your existing balance click on I only need a goodybag then on the next page click on Exchange Airtime Credit.
    • If you wish to add more Airtime Credit and/or pay for your purchase by credit/debit card or PayPal then select the amount of Airtime Credit you want to add and provide the relevant payment details.
  • Click on Order and Pay.

You can cancel your queued goodybag from the next day after your purchase until 24 hours before the expiry of your active goodybag. Just go to your giffgaff payment settings page. Then under Next goodybag, you will be able to see a button with Cancel next goodybag, this will allow you to cancel your queued goodybag.

The payment will be paid back to original payment method for queued goodybag.

unlimited minutes.png

To modify your queued goodybag, you'll need to follow the procedure for cancelling your goodybag and then you'll be then able to buy a replacement goodybag.

Please Note: You are only able to do this if you have a queued goodybag. Active goodybags cannot be cancelled.

Important Notes

  • Refunds made for a queued goodybag are made to the original payment method used regardless if that payment method is not stored in your account settings. If the purchase was made with a voucher then the money will be returned as Airtime Credit as vouchers cannot be refunded.
  • You can also contact an agent if you face any issues along the way. Please send your request at least 24 hours before your queued goodybag becomes active to leave enough time to do the refund.
  • This feature is currently only on the website and is not available through the giffgaff mobile app just yet. If you're someone who usually uses the app and wants to use the new feature, then you'll be able to use it on the website through any browser.
  • Due to a limitation with the way our payments work, members won't be able to cancel their queued goodybag on the same calendar day that they bought it. We're working on eliminating that issue, but in the meantime, If you don't want to wait until the morning to cancel it, then you can still ask an agent. As usual, goodybags can't be cancelled if they're due to start the next day.
  • If you have queued a goodybag and bought credit at the same time, and then cancel the queued goodybag, it will only cancel the goodybag, but the confirmation message will show the total refund amount including the topup, not just the goodybag cost. Please be reassured that you will not be out of pocket and the correct amount will be refunded.

If you have less than 100MB or 100 minutes left on your active goodybag then it is possible to activate your queued goodybag straight away rather than having to wait for your current goodybag to expire. If you have an active £25 "Always On" goodybag, this action is available after you've used the full speed data allowance.

  • Go to My giffgaff.
  • Click on the button to Start the queued goodybag right now. The same operation is also available from the goodybag page.

    recurring goodybag modified.png

    Example of how it may look when you have a goodybag running low

  • The queued goodybag will immediately replace your active goodybag. You may need to restart your device to encourage the new goodybag to 'kick-in' properly.

Please note: Starting your queued goodybag early will remove any remaining allowances (data, texts, minutes) that you may have left on your active goodybag.

It is also possible to start a queued goodybag early using the 43430 top-up number from your phone or the giffgaff mobile app.

Also note: If you try to start a goodybag early, or purchase a new goodybag after the previous goodybag has expired using the 43430 top-up number between midnight and 4:30AM you are likely to get an error message. 

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