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How do I cancel an account when the account holder has recently passed away?

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We want to make the process of cancelling an account belonging to someone who has passed away as easy as possible. Therefore you have three options you might consider, each one being explained below.

Please Note: When corresponding with giffgaff please remember to include both the full name of the account holder and the giffgaff member name of their account (if you know it), the mobile phone number associated with their account and their registered address. Please also provide your own name, address and relationship to them, as well as a photocopy of their death certificate. This information can either be emailed or posted to us (instructions on how to do can be found at the end of this guide).

More Information about your three options:

If you would like to keep the account of a deceased family member or friend you will need to email the bereavement team ( with the appropriate documentation.

Please Note: Agents may not be able to change the member name of the account. 

It is possible that payments set up through a debit or credit card might be rejected by the member's bank if their account with them has already been closed. An alternative account may need to be set up to continue payments for goodybags or any future top-ups.

Please Note: The number associated with that account will stay active for up to 6 months and will require one call or text to another number or an Internet connection to extend the period again. 

If you are already authorised on the account and have access, you are able to change the details on the account, more precisely: the name, address and the email. You can change the details mentioned by visiting My Profile and settings page

Keeping the deceased's number will also require sending the requested documentation to the agents. If the number is transferred to another network it will mean that the account will close automatically. Any credit and goodybag allowances will also be lost in the process. It is not possible to transfer a number from one giffgaff account to another.

Also, please be aware that once the agents are informed about the account, this will enter a suspension period of 6 months. If no decision is made in this period the number is at risk of being recycled, so we advise you to interact with the agents about the future of the account. 

To close the deceased member's account down by an authorised third party, you will need to contact the bereavement team ( as they will need to do some checks before proceeding with the request.  

As soon as this has been verified by our agents, the account can be closed. 

However, if the representative requests a refund, we aim to refund the credit back to the source. Upon request, an agent might transfer the airtime credit from the deceased's account to the account of the representative. If any other questions or issues are presented, agents would respond to the query on a case by case basis. 

Via Email:

The easiest and cheapest method would be to email a copy of the death certificate here:

If not already verified to the agents please include the member name and full name, the mobile phone number associated with the account, and the registered address. Also include your own name, address and relationship to the account holder.

Via Post:

You may also forward us a photocopy of the death certificate to the address below:

Bereavement Team

giffgaff Ltd

Belmont House

Belmont Road


Please attach a cover letter with the member account name, their full name, the mobile phone number associated with the account, and the registered address. Please also include your own name and address, along with your relationship to the account holder. If any reference numbers are generated by giffgaff include them in the cover letter. This will ensure we can find the account and process the documentation efficiently.

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