How do I check coverage?


How do I check the coverage?


To check what the signal in your area is like right now, type your postcode, address, or landmark in the box below and click 'Check'.


Disclaimer: Below shows a portion of O2's site. Since we share service with O2 the signal displayed is exactly the same for both giffgaff and O2. If the item below refers to anything other than service then it is referring purely to O2. More information about O2's signal and maintenance can be found on this page.





The Service Updates:Notice board provides further information on planned network updates, outages and improvements to our services.




So what should I do now?



So, you've checked the service in your area, now what? Well, if it has displayed an issue with your area then you just have to sit tight. Mast problems get sorted by engineers, so they will go back to normal soon. If it displays poor signal in your area due to lack of masts then I'm afraid that there is nothing that can be done.




If there is no problem in your area:


If there are no issues displayed in your area then you should assume that it isn't a local area problem. Sometimes the tool takes a little while to update, but it's best to assume that it isn't related. 


We prepared a guide to help you identify the signal issues to solve them, have a look here.






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How do I check coverage?

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