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How do I check my giffgaff balance?

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This article details all the methods available for you to check your balance with your phone, tablet or computer.

More Information

If you want to be able to verify your balance from your phone at any time, the best solution is to call the following free codes.

Shortcode Function
43430 Option 2 Voice confirmation of your balance, goodybag balance and expiry date of your goodybag. For more info on the 43430 service please see here.
*100# Remaining airtime credit balance
*100*1# Expiry date for free giffgaff to giffgaff calls and texts
*100*5# Remaining text balance (Remaining text balance applies only to the £6 goodybag which has 500 inclusive texts. Goodybags with unlimited texts will show 0 texts remaining.)
*100*7# Remaining goodybag minutes balance

Please note: If you have a goodybag and you didn't buy any additional airtime credit, the airtime credit balance will appear as nil. This is normal as a goodybag isn't classified as balance.

Tip: Save these numbers to your phone directory so you don't have to remember them

Your airtime credit balance is automatically displayed on your handset briefly after every call you make or message you send.

If you would like to switch balance notifications on or off, simply log in to your account and head to "My giffgaff > Phone and Call settings > Balance notifications (which you can also find under the Profile & Settings link ). Simply click the little box to tick(on)/untick(off) to the right of "Balance Notifications" to your prefered option.


From your Internet-enabled phone

An alternative way to check the balance on your phone is to access my giffgaff account through a web browser:

  • Go to this link in your phone
  • In the top right-hand corner of your account in a bold font you will see how much credit you have (if any), and it will also state whether you have an active goodybag, when it will end and how many minutes you have left.

From your computer

Within you can get your balance, update your payment details and check your transactions. Go to My giffgaff and sign-in. The homepage of My giffgaff will display your current balance.

Thanks to our helpful members & our giffgaff apps team, you can now find a giffgaff app for all the most popular phones.

  • iPhone

The giffgaff app from the Apple app store will allow you to check your balance as well as your goodybag status.

  • Android phones

The "Mygiffgaff" app is available through Google Play.

  • Symbian devices (Nokia)

Point your device to the ovistore then search for "ProGaff", then follow the on-screen instructions. This was created by a giffgaff member.

  • Windows phone

Monitor your UK giffgaff account on your Windows Phone 8. Check balances, goodybag allowances, add funds to your account, set auto top-ups & recurring goodybags, read messages from giffgaff agents, order extra SIMs & much more!

The app currently only supports WP 8.1, WP 8 and WP 7.5.

If your phone does not support this then you can always point your browser to the giffgaff mobile website or head to the desktop giffgaff website.

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