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How do I report my phone and/or SIM lost or stolen?


What should I do if my phone and/or SIM got lost or stolen?


Losing one's SIM card or phone is a distressing experience but we created solutions to help our members protect their phone number and credits, block their phone and get the appropriate documentation for their insurer.


Protect your phone

iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS-based phones all have methods which in the event of losing your phone enable you to keep tabs on where your smartphone is via a computer and in some cases, what state it's in.


Note that you need to have subscribed to these services and applications before losing your phone as it requires a set-up step.


Phones are expensive items and we advise to insure yours. It will not only cover you if it is lost or stolen, but can also cover accidental damages depending on the policy you subscribed to.



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What to do when your phone or SIM goes missing

As soon as you notice that your phone or SIM card has disappeared from view, you can come to the website to let us know.


There you'll have the choice to:


  • Block your SIM card
  • Block your SIM card and phone

We advise to let us know as soon as possible so we can block your phone and prevent fraudulent usage. Blocking your SIM card will take a few minutes and will make it impossible for anybody to use.



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Block your phone and SIM card

Go to the lost and stolen page:


  • Select Bar my phone & SIM
  • Select the most appropriate of the following options:



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Lost my SIM card only

Go to the lost and stolen page:


  • Select Bar my SIM only
  • Select the most appropriate of the following options:



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SIM Swap

SIM Swap is the quickest way to block your SIM and get the control of your phone number again, but it does not block your phone. If you have an unactivated SIM card at hand you'll be able to use your number again in a few minutes.


If you feel that the best option is to SIM Swap, then head over to our dedicated SIM Swap guide.



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Order a SIM replacement

If you want to order a replacement SIM, you will need to perform the following operations:


  • Verify your delivery address. This will be the same as the one in My profile & settings. You can change this address if you wish too
  • Confirm you want to bar your SIM


Once this replacement SIM is ordered, you will not be able to do a SIM Swap until your replacement SIM has arrived and been activated.


It typically takes 2-3 working days for your new SIM to arrive, you'll need to activate it online when it arrives by logging into your account and clicking here.


We advise you to activate the replacement SIM card as soon as your receive it as your goodybag / gigabag may still be active. You'll then be able to select to recur your chosen plan again.


If you don't receive the replacement SIM after a week, please contact an agent so we can reorder a replacement SIM for you.



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Block your phone

If you have selected to block your phone it will be put on a national blacklist and no one will be able to use it.


Once your phone has been blocked, we advise you to change the passwords for the different applications you may have been running on your phone (email, instant messaging etc.).


If you need to unbar your phone you can do it by contacting an agent and providing us with your IMEI number. You can find your IMEI number by dialling *#06# from your phone, or on the phone's original box. It will take around 5 working days to unbar your phone.


A safe place for you to store your IMEI number is in the Private notes section of this website. This information is for your eyes only. It will not be publicly displayed. This infomation can only be entered on the full site and not the mobile site.



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What's next?

Register your phone on the Immobilise website. Its a national database and totally free of charge. You can use the website to report the loss or theft of your phone. The police can also use this database to return it to you if it is later recovered.


If your phone was insured then your insurer will ask you for proof of usage. Contact an agent with your claim number and insurer's email address and we will send a statement to your insurer for you.


We can only provide them with this document once your phone has been registered as lost or stolen on this website.


If you think your number has been used without your consent, please contact us after having blocked the phone and/or SIM card. The agents will then check your recent usage for abuses and will refund your goodybag allowance or balance appropriately.



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How do I report my phone and/or SIM lost or stolen?

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