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How to send a phone for repair

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If the phone you've purchased on giffgaff becomes faulty during its warranty period, you can return it for a repair.

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We accept repairs for all the phones which have been purchased on giffgaff and which have not been exposed to a damp environment or damaged with liquid.

Please note that member damages voids the phone's warranty. If you are sending a damaged phone and this phone is repairable, we will repair it at a cost and issue a quote.

If you need to send your phone back for a repair, please log in and go to My giffgaff. Click on view in My order history and select the phone which needs being repaired.

Click on the Return Phone button and select the most appropriate issue to describe your phone's problem.

This will display a list of troubleshooting questions which are used to confirm your phone's issue and categorise it. Please select the most appropriate diagnostic and follow the on-screen instructions to identify if your phone needs to be be repaired.

If your issue requires a repair then you will be able to book this repair there, and you will receive the instructions on how to return your phone.

Once your booking is confirmed, you can track the status of your repair in My orders

Make sure to follow all the instructions and to send your phone in a protective package. Please use the label provided to send your phone free of charge.

Don't forget to remove your PIN or lock code and any other kind of protection so the phone fixers can turn ON your phone and confirm the issue.

Please also make sure that all your data are backed up as your device will be flashed to the latest software version.

For more detailed instructions on the returns process then please look at:

Once our phone fixers receive your parcel, they will confirm your booking and will try to replicate the issue you identified with the troubleshooting tool. If it's not the right phone, or if it was received without being booked then it will be returned to you.

If the phone fixers are able to reproduce the issue, they will start repairing your phone and will send it back to you once it's ready.

It may happen that your handset will fall under one of the following categories:

  • The phone fixer is unable to reproduce the fault. They will try to contact you for more details.
  • The phone is under warranty but not repairable. The phone fixers will order a suitable replacement for your phone.
  • The phone fixer does not have the right parts available. They will order the parts straight away and repair your phone when they arrive. If these parts are not available within 5 working days, the phone fixers will order a suitable phone replacement instead.

If your phone has been damaged it will void its warranty. You can still send your phone for repair but you will be charged for it.

When the phone fixer receives the phone and identifies it is out of warranty they will call you to explain the details of the quote and propose to you one of the following options.

  • Paying the quote and have your phone repaired.
  • Paying the £15 fees for the quote and have your phone returned.
  • Ask us to recycle your phone.

Payments can be made over the phone with a debit or credit card.

If you are tracking the progress of your repair from My Orders you will be able to identify the repair is on hold and that the phone fixers will contact you about the quote. Please make sure to keep your phone is handy to answer their call.

Please note that you must answer within 3 weeks. If no answer is received to the quote after 3 weeks, your phone will be recycled.

Please note that the warranty indicator displayed in the Returns and Repairs section of the website reflects the warranty period of your phone (i.e. is it still covered by the manufacturer) and not its current status (i.e. is this particular repair covered).

You can track the progress of the checks up to this point by going back to the booking system.

  • Log in and go to My giffgaff.
  • Click on My Payments.
  • Select you order.
  • Click the Return phone button.

There you will have access to the status of your return.

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