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I need a new SIM, how do I order a replacement?

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Depending on the reason leading to your needing to replace your SIM, this guide will show the best way to replace or receive a brand new one.

Please Note: SIMs ordered before 4:00pm will be dispatched the same day. Any sims ordered after will be dispatched the following day. 

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If your SIM is damaged, just stops working or is the wrong size for your phone then the best solution for you is to perform a SIM swap which will give you a brand new functional SIM card.

SIM swaps should be performed when

  • Your SIM has become faulty or ceases to work
  • You need another SIM of a different size to fit your phone
  • You have or can get an unactivated giffgaff SIM of any age to do the SIM swap
  • You don't need to report/bar your phone

The process of ordering a SIM and doing the SIM swap procedure is much faster than reporting your SIM lost and has several advantages, one being that you can usually be up and running the same day if you have a spare SIM handy.

If you don't have a spare unactivated SIM then you will need to get one, you can:

Once you have a SIM just login and go to the SIM swap page and follow the instructions or have a look at the dedicated SIM Swap guide.

giffgaff SIMs are now 'All in one SIMs' and the SIM card contains a Nano, Micro and a Standard [mini] SIM. Have a check of your SIM, you may not need to swap at all. Just pop out the section that you need.

3 in 1 SIM.jpgAn image of the new 3-1 SIMs

If you've lost your SIM you'll need to tell us, so we can bar it and make sure that nobody uses your airtime credit, goodybag and mobile number.

Please follow the 'Lost and Stolen' procedure to report this. With this procedure you can bar just your SIM or bar your SIM and phone.

Whilst on this page you'll have the option to perform a SIM swap. This may be a better option for you as you may be tracking your phone with a service such as 'Find my iPhone'.

Note: Once a SIM has been barred all services will cease and tracking won't be possible, this also applies if you bar your phone. It may still be possible to track if your Wi-Fi is ON.

When you report your SIM as lost or stolen it is not possible to perform a SIM swap until this replacement SIM card arrives and is activated.

To report your SIM lost or to perform a SIM swap then please make sure to do it through the Lost & stolen page.

If you have received your SIM and the activation process fails due to a SIM fault then we'll need to replace it for you. Please Ask an Agent by filling out the form with the information for the faulty SIM card and we'll put a replacement on order straight away.

Please check the address on your account so the SIM goes to the right place. You can check it here.

Note: Activation can take up to 24 hours. Please wait for this delay to expire before contacting the agents as they won't have the information yet.

While your waiting for this time to pass you can try the Guide to fix a faulty SIM activation

Just so you know, the replacement SIM pack will arrive in this envelope. This new SIM needs to be activated when it arrives. Just login and go to the SIM activation page.

Note: It can only be used on your account so make sure you login to the correct account.


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