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I need a new SIM, how do I order a replacement?

Depending on the reason leading to your need to replace your SIM, you'll find below the best way to receive a brand new one.



You need a SIM with a different size

If you changed your handset and found yourself with a SIM card of the wrong size, the best solution will be to use SIM Swap.


Unless you have one already, you will have to order a new inactive SIM. giffgaff SIMs are now all in one SIMs and the card contains a nano SIM, micro SIM and a classic [mini] SIM and can be ordered from the Order page. Please see an image of the new 3-1 SIMs below:




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You lost your SIM

If you lost your SIM, you will need to tell us, so we can bar it and make sure that nobody uses your credit and mobile number.


Please follow the Lost & Stolen procedure to tell us your SIM has been lost or stolen. With this procedure, you'll be able to bar your SIM and your phone (if needed).


You'll also be able to order a replacement SIM from this page, or to perform a SIM Swap if you already have a SIM at hand. For this last operation, please make sure to do it through the Lost & stolen page.


Note that when you order a replacement SIM it is not possible to perform a SIM Swap until this replacement SIM card is activated.



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You want to join giffgaff but the SIM you received is faulty

If you have received your SIM and the activation process fails due to a SIM fault then we need to replace it for you. Please contact us and let us know by filling out the form with the information for the faulty SIM card, explaining that it is faulty and that you need a replacement. We'll put a replacement on order straight away.


Please check the address on your account also and let us know if it needs changing (or if you can, try changing this yourself).


Note: Just so you know, this SIM pack will look like the following:




Remember with this new SIM you'll also need to activate it. When it arrives go to "Activate a SIM".


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You are already a member and your SIM is faulty

If your SIM is damaged or just stops working, the best solution for you is to order a replacement SIM, so we can send you a brand new functional SIM card.


To do this, login to your account and start the Lost and Stolen process.


Select "Bar my SIM only", which will take you to a new page. In the right part of this page, verify your address is correct and click "Bar my SIM and post me a new one".


A replacement SIM will be sent to replace your faulty SIM. This SIM card is sent 1st class, to reduce your time without your giffgaff number.



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