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I’ve recovered my lost stolen phone / SIM how do I get the bar lifted?

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You've found your phone and / or SIM - that's great news! You might need to activate the replacement SIM and unblock your phone in order to make everything working properly. Have a look at our guide to find your next best action.

More Information

If you reported your SIM as lost / stolen and ordered a replacement SIM, your old one won't work anymore. We ordered a replacement SIM card as soon as you declared your SIM lost or stolen. It will arrive at your address within 1-3 working days. Once it arrives you'll need to activate the SIM here. Your phone number, goodybag & any remaining airtime credit will automatically be transferred to this new SIM card.

If you only had it temporarily suspended by our agents, we'll get the lifted for you.

Click here to request the lifting of the suspension.

If you blacklisted your handset (reported it as lost) but finally found it, please let us know and we'll unblock it for you. We'll need your handset's IMEI. Don't worry its easy to find, just dial *#06# and it will be displayed on your phone.

Send your IMEI number to us by contacting our agents here

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend activating the replacement SIM before lifting the handset/ IMEI bar. The handset / IMEI bar can take up to 5 working days to be removed by the escalations / tech team.

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