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Requesting a copy of your personal data

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You might need a copy of your personal data for legal matters. Requesting a copy of this data means you are making a Subject Access Request.

Starting May 2018, Subject Access Requests (SAR) can be made online or by post. 

Important note: We recommend raising a Subject Access Request only in extreme circumstances i.e. if related to legal matters. In other case’s members are advised to raise a case with an agent who will aim to respond within 24 hours.

More information

When making this type of request, you will need to provide the following information so that we can verify your identity:

  • A coloured copy of the passport/driving licence/birth certificate or a utility bill with your/ account holder's name, and
  • SIM serial number (SSN) (if your request is related to your phone account).

Making an online SAR request may be easier for you. Please follow the recommended steps in this form. 

If you prefer to communicate via post,  you can forward the documentation listed above to our address.

giffgaff are given a one-month time frame in which to respond to your request. 

Where requests are complex and excessive, giffgaff are permitted an additional 2 months to process your request. Fret not, if that would be the case, we would provide an update on your request within 1 month of receiving it anyway.

Making a Subject Access Request is free of charge. However, giffgaff reserve the right to charge an admin fee or refuse a request where requests for data are clearly unreasonable or excessive, particularly if they are repetitive. 

  • I need proof of phone usage over a specified period for my Insurance Company. What should I do?
    You might solve this just by contacting the agents. Check this out upfront.

  • I need my usage records over a period of time. Should I make a Subject Access Request?
    Well, if you need usage records older than 3 months, you should.

    If you need recent usage records (less than 3 months old), please raise a normal case with our agents via this form. It's faster and easier.

    Also, this might be important to keep in mind: we only hold call records for the past year.

  • Is any information provided about incoming calls or SMS records?
    Unfortunately, not. We only hold info about outgoing calls and text messages(SMS) info. We cannot help with the incoming calls, SMS records or the content of each call or SMS. 

  • How will I receive the SAR document?
    The SAR document will be sent in PDF format to the account holder's email address.

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