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The Super Recruiter Programme's FAQ

So you want to know more about the exciting new Super Recruiter Programme, well you have come to the right place. Learn away.




What is a Super Recruiter?

A Super Recruiter is a member, who promotes giffgaff by word of mouth to many people on a monthly basis, well beyond their friends and family, achieving significant amounts of activations per month and earning lots of money. Sounds nice right?



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How to become a Super Recruiter?

To become a Super recruiter you will need to do 3 activations per month for 3 consecutive months at the very minimum.


That is the basic entry level. We obviously encourage you to do way more, to earn more.


It is very important to note that, if you go below this minimum requirement, you will be removed from the programme. So make sure you always do a minimum of 3 activations per month for 3 consecutive months. No other combination will work.


Whilst it is essential to get activations, we will also be looking at the types of people you are bringing on, as it is important to bring on people that will stay with giffgaff for longer periods of time and with that you will benefit too from your rewards.



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What is The Honour Code?

When you decide this programme is for you and you want to take part, all you need to do is start promoting giffgaff and getting your recruits to activate SIMs and you will pop up on our radar, when your activations start to increase. We will contact you, so don’t worry about contacting us. We will know when you have become eligible and will email you to invite you to join the programme.


If you accept, we will then email you with our very special Honour Code, which you need to abide by before coming on to the programme. This code is an honorary agreement between you as a new Super Recruiter and giffgaff. We believe we should have a mutual understanding of what to expect from this programme.


Then you are pretty much ready to roll. Just order your SIMs here and start promoting. Visit our Spread giffgaff page for top tips on how to promote and get started.



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What is the Reward structure?

The structure is split across 3 levels, based on the number of activated SIM cards (or new recruits) a member achieves per month. Each level gives access to different rewards - the higher the level, the better the rewards on offer.


Super Recruiters are rewarded with a different Reward structure and can earn much more than regular recruiters. For this reason, being a Super Recruiter is restricted to members with at least 3 SIM cards activated each month over a period of 3 consecutive months. The levels are:


  • Apprentice: At least 3 SIM cards activated every month over 3 consecutive months
  • Expert: At least 15 SIM cards activated every month over 3 consecutive months
  • Master: At least 30 SIM cards activated every month over 3 consecutive months

On top of receiving £5 per activation, Super Recruiters are rewarded when the members they bring to giffgaff stay with us. They receive additional cash rewards when their recruits top up.


On activation 1st month
Top up and spend 2nd month
Top up and spend 3rd month
Apprentice £5 £5 £5
Expert £5 £5 £6
Master £5 £5 £8


The activation reward you receive for the first month is paid during the normal payback periods, in June and December.


The top-up rewards you earn in Month 2 and Month 3 of your recruits' giffgaff membership are paid monthly in the following month. The payment run for this programme will be around the middle of every month.


Rewards for Super Recruiter activity is exclusively paid with PayPal. It is up to you to update your correct PayPal details, so we can make the correct payments to your account.


If you want to simulate how much you could earn, we attached a calculator to this article. This is an ilustrative example only, please see the terms and conditions in the spoiler tag below for more details.


Terms & Conditions for 'The Super Recruiter Programme'.

1) The Super Recruiter Programme (the “Programme") is open to a worldwide audience aged 16 years or over (“Participants”).

2) To qualify for the Programme a Participant must have recruited 3 or more new members each month for the last 3 months. If a Participant recruits less than 3 members in a month they will automatically be excluded from the Programme.

3) When first accepted onto, or returning to, the programme, Participants will start in level 1(Apprentice), depending on the number of new members they recruit each month they can move up the level, the top level (Master)being number 3. Each level offers different rewards and incentives. giffgaff reserves the right to change a Participant’s level and SIM allowance for any reason at any time on reasonable notice. giffgaff also reserves the right to change rewards and incentives available within each level at any time.

4) Under the Programme, Participants who are accepted onto the programme will receive a minimum £5 ‘Activation reward’ for every new member (“Recruit") who activates a giffgaff SIM card ordered through the Programme and tops up £10 or more for the first time. All ‘Activation rewards’ will be paid through giffgaff’s standard member Payback.

5) Participants will also receive further ‘Top up monthly rewards’ (£5 for a month 2 top-up and up to a maximum of £8 for a month 3 top-up depending on their level).

a) A Participant will only qualify for ‘Top up monthly rewards’ if their Recruit tops up in month 2 and month 3 of their giffgaff membership. If the Recruit only tops up in month 2, then the Participant will only be rewarded for their month 2 top-up.

b) A Recruit’s month 2 top-up must be made between 30-60 days after their initial activation. A Recruit’s month 3 top-up must be made 60-90 days after their initial activation.

c) A Recruit’s month 2 and month 3 top-up can be either a pay as you go credit or a goodybag purchase.

d) A queued goodybag purchased previously will not be counted as a month 2 or month 3 top-up.

e) A Recruit must use a minimum of £10 airtime credit or purchase a goodybag with a minimum value of £10 in each month 2 and month 3 for the Participant to qualify for a ‘Top up monthly rewards’.

f) The Participant will be rewarded the relevant amount depending on the level they were in when their Recruit activated their SIM card.

g) Top up monthly rewards can only be taken as cash via PayPal (not airtime credit or charitable donation).

6) Any and all undisputed and accrued ‘Top up rewards’ will be paid to Participants as close as possible to day 15 of the month, following the month in which the reward was earned. They will be paid by Paypal into the account nominated by the Participant for this purpose.

7) Particpiants are responsible for keeping a record of payments made to them. giffgaff is not liable for any loss of payment.

8) Participants are responsible for complying with any additional terms and conditions imposed on them by their nominated Paypal account.

9) Participants are responsible for any tax liability in their country of residence incurred as a result of taking part in the Programme.

10) If a Participant fails to provide giffgaff with requested contact or Paypal account details, or provides incorrect details, or fails to keep details updated, the Participant may not receive payment as set out above. giffgaff accepts no responsibility for such occurrences. In particular, if a Participant fails to provide correct Paypal details within 90 days of any reward being earned, they shall forfeit any claim to that reward.

11) In the event that any Participant closes their Programme account or their giffgaff member account becomes inactive, they will immediately lose entitlement to any rewards accrued but not yet paid under the Programme.

12) The standard monthly SIM allowance for a Participant, unless otherwise agreed, will be 50 SIMs. The SIMs can be ordered directly from the giffgaff website here and will be sent to Participants in a box of 50. Participants should allow approximately 14 days for delivery.

13) Only SIMs ordered from the Participants account through the giffgaff website are capable of producing rewards for Participants.

14) The right of Participants to receive payment is subject to their on-going compliance with these terms and conditions. giffgaff may, at its sole discretion, suspend or remove a Participant from the Programme at any time and without notice, and withhold, claim back, or seek reimbursement of, or payment from any Participant in any reasonable circumstances, including but not limited to the following:

a) If the Participant has breached these or any other applicable terms and conditions;

b) If giffgaff suspects or has reasonable grounds to believe that the Participant has provided incorrect or misleading information to any Member or to giffgaff;

c) If any Member tops up SIM cards provided by the Participant using a stolen, invalid or expired credit or debit card or giffgaff is required to refund a credit or debit card provider in respect of any SIM top ups;

d) If giffgaff suspects the Participant or Member is otherwise misusing or interfering in any way with the Programme or the giffgaff network;

e) If giffgaff receives a complaint about a Participant; or

f) If the Participant has otherwise engaged in conduct which may breach any law or regulation or be to the detriment of giffgaff’s reputation.

15) Any individual’s personal information obtained under this Programme will be used in accordance with giffgaff’s Privacy Policy, which is available at www.giffgaff.com.

16) giffgaff accepts no responsibility for any incorrectly completed, lost or delayed registration applications, notices, acceptances or other documents related to the Programme.

17) It is the responsibility of all Participants to keep their Programme account log-in details secure. giffgaff will not be responsible for loss, damage or any other issues arising out of unauthorised access to any Participant’s Programme account.

18) Participants must keep the details provided in their Programme account complete and accurate at all times. giffgaff reserves the right to request proof of any Participant’s identity at any time. If the Participant fails to respond to this request within the reasonable time period specified, giffgaff may close that Participant’s Programme account with immediate effect, whereupon the Participant will cease to have any rights under these terms and conditions.

19) giffgaff may amend, suspend, withdraw or terminate the Programme at any time and for any reason on at least 30 days’ notice, which will be provided by email to Participants and/or on giffgaff’s website and/or on account. Any rewards genuinely accrued before the date on which the Programme is amended, suspended, withdrawn or terminated as appropriate will be paid as provided by these terms.

20) All decisions by giffgaff on matters relating to the Programme are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

21) These terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with the giffgaff’s terms and conditions at www.giffgaff.com. Where there is conflict between the two sets of terms, the airtime terms shall take precedence.

22) The Programme is governed by English law.


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How to order more SIMs?

Once you have reached your 3 SIM activations every month over 3 months, we will increase your SIM limit to 50 SIMs per month. You will see an option to order 50 SIMs in a box on your giffgaff account order page. Based on your orders and activations we can increase or decrease your SIM limit.


The box of 50 SIMs will be posted out to you and you can then start spreading the word as soon as possible and get as many activations as possible.


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How to recruit more members?

There are a lots of ways to recruit new members and each Super Recruiter has their own method. To help you, you'll find a lot of resources on your Spread giffgaff page. This includes things like leaflets and posters, but also banners if you feel more comfortable with online recruitment.


If you feel like creating your own leaflets, please don't hesitate to run the copy past us and we can advise the best ways of designing and writing these.


We have also listed some advice to help make your first steps successful:


  • Focus on your strengths: if you are a successful blogger or a respected community member, don't spend your time distributing SIM cards in the street - you'll have much better results advertising giffgaff online through your member URL.
  • Select where you do it: A large proportion of our members (certainly not all) are young, tech savvy people who are looking for a good deal. Try to think about where you can find these people, that's where you'll find the future giffgaffers (e.g. money saving forums, techy websites, car boot sales, colleges and clubs).
  • Select when you do it: If you post your order link too often, you will lose credibility - and giffgaff as well. It's much better to focus on quality: post less but where and when it matters.
  • Have a look back: From time to time, have a look at your recruits page and identify what was successful and what was not. With time you'll learn the best way to recruit members.

We also have a thread on the community called Love Recruiting?. You can pop your questions there and get and give advice there. Why not have a read about what others are doing?


If you have any recruiting idea that you want to run past us, feel free to drop us a line and we'll do our best to help.



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How to present giffgaff?

Always explain what makes giffgaff different, so your recruits have no surprises. It is really important that new members feel comfortable on giffgaff, so they need to know if we offer something which is right for them.


  • Tell them we're online only, so they'll need to activate their SIM and manage their account online.
  • Advise them they may need to unlock their phone.
  • Ensure they know we do not have call centres but an army of members and agents providing super speedy (24/7/365) online support.
  • Explain they can pay as they go or choose from a variety of goodybags of texts, minutes & data that they can set to automatically recur or change each month.
  • Let them know they can also buy top-up vouchers in newsagents.

Help us collect accurate data, so we can manage their giffgaff details correctly:


  • Encourage members to provide full and accurate details when they activate so they can log into their account successfully and receive updates on their own payback and their best payment plan.
  • Please don't pre-activate SIMs with fake names and addresses. This makes it impossible for members to access their account to top up so they leave and you won't be entitled to remain a Super Recruiter anymore.



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How to follow-up the results?

On our “Spread giffgaff" page, you will find a counter and a link to your recruits page which contains:


  • The number of SIM cards you ordered
  • The number of recruits = The number of these SIMs which have been activated
  • A detailed record of all the SIMs ordered, with the order date and their status

When a SIM card is activated, on your Spread giffgaff page you can see how your activations are going, also it shows its activation code so you can track which SIM card has been activated.


With this detailed record, you can track easily which SIM cards have been activated. If you see that some of your SIMs remain unactivated, you might want to give your friends a call to nudge them along.


It will also give you valuable information on what works best, so you can focus on the recruiting method which gives the best results.



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When will I be paid?

A Super Recruiter in the programme, will be paid out their Top-up 2 and Top-up 3 rewards every month. The payment is likely to be around the middle of every month.


The activation reward (month 1) will be paid through normal bi-annual payback, twice a year in June and December.


For the monthly payments you need to ensure you have updated your correct PayPal address on your account. We will aim to pay you around the middle of every month.



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What you could earn?

A Super Recruiter, could earn as much as they want, depending on how many people they recruit on to giffgaff. It is important that your recruits are members who are likely to stay for longer periods of time as the bigger and better rewards come when the recruit tops up in their 3rd month.


It is very important to remember that a Super Recruiter will only qualify for ‘Top-up rewards’ if their recruit tops up AND uses a minimum of £10 airtime credit or they purchase a goodybag with a minimum value of £10 in each month 2 and month 3. Queued goodybags are not valid for this case, it has to be a fresh top-up each month.



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What happens to the people I recruited last month?

If you have been recruiting and spreading the giffgaff word, thank you very much and please continue doing so. This will count towards your 3 activations each month over 3 consecutive months. Please remember not to miss a month as it won’t count.


If you have done a minimum of 3 activations each month for 3 consecutive months you are likely to be invited into the programme, but it is really important to make sure that you are bringing longer lasting members to giffgaff, as this will matter for your entry too.



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Why is this good value for money for giffgaff?



The biggest and most important asset we have is our members, and we believe no one can better promote us and spread the word about giffgaff. If we reward you well for doing so, then you’ll be motivated to tell even more people, and you’ll earn even more money. Win Win. Simple as.



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The Super Recruiter Programme's FAQ

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