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The Super Recruiter Programme's FAQ

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So you want to know more about the exciting new Super Recruiter Programme, well you have come to the right place. Learn away.

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A Super Recruiter is a community member who promotes giffgaff to lots of people on a monthly basis. Reaching out beyond their friends and family. A Super Recruiter achieves a significant amount of activations each month and they generally earn lots of money for it.

To become a Super Recruiter you simply need to recruit 15 new members to giffgaff in your lifetime. You'll then be automatically enrolled onto the Super Recruiter programme. There are no ongoing monthly minimum activations to stay on the programme.

Once you're a Super Recruiter the reward structure is split across 3 levels, this is based on the number of activations you achieve each month. The higher your level, the better the rewards you'll earn.

The three levels are:

  • Apprentice - For Participants who recruit up to 14 Recruits in 3 months.
  • Expert - For Participants who recruit between 15 and 119 Members in 3 months.
  • Master - For Participants who recruit 120 or more Members in 3 months.

As a Super Recruiter you can potentially earn rewards on 2 occasions with a new recruit, that being their second top-up and their third top-up (after their initial activation).


Terms & Conditions for 'The Super Recruiter Programme'.

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Terms & Conditions for Super Recruiters

7.18. The Super Recruiter Programme (the “Programme") is open to a worldwide audience aged 16 years or over (“Participants”).

7.19. To qualify for the Programme a Participant must recruit 15 or more new Members in their lifetime.

7.20. Participants will start at level 1 ('Apprentice') when enrolled onto the Programme. Depending on the number of new Members they recruit each month they can change between the levels. Levels are calculated monthly based on an average over 3 months. Level 1 (‘Apprentice') is for Participants who recruits up to 14 Recruits in 3 months, Level 2 (‘Expert’) is for Participants who recruits between 15 and 119 Members in 3 months, and Level 3 (‘Master’) is for Participants who recruit 120 or more Members in 3 months. Each level offers different rewards and incentives. giffgaff reserves the right to change a Participant's level and SIM allowance for any reason at any time on reasonable notice. giffgaff also reserves the right to change rewards and incentives available within each level at any time.

7.21. Participants will receive monthly ‘Top-up rewards in cash via PayPal if their Recruit tops up, either as credit or a goodybag purchase (but not a queued goodybag purchased previously). The Participant will receive a maximum of two monthly rewards per Recruit if the Recruit tops up twice within 120 days of activating their SIM. Top-ups on the same day as activation will be ineligible for super recruiter rewards.

7.22. Any and all undisputed and accrued ‘Top up rewards will be paid to Participants as close as possible to day 15 of the month, following the month in which the reward was earned. They will be paid by PayPal into the account nominated by the Participant for this purpose.

7.23. Participants are responsible for:

  • a) providing giffgaff with correct and up-to-date contact and PayPal account details. If a Participant fails to do so he/she may not receive payment under the Programme. Giffgaff accepts no responsibility for such occurrences;
  • b) keeping the details provided in their Programme account complete and accurate at all times. giffgaff reserves the right to request proof of any Participant’s identity at any time. If the Participant fails to respond to this request within the reasonable time period specified, giffgaff may close that Participant’s Programme account with immediate effect, whereupon the Participant will cease to have any rights under these terms and conditions;
  • c) keeping Programme account log-in details secure. giffgaff will not be responsible for loss, damage or any other issues arising out of unauthorised access to any Participant’s Programme account;
  • d) keeping a record of payments made to them. giffgaff is not liable for any loss of payment;
  • e) complying with any additional terms and conditions imposed on them by their nominated Paypal account; and) any tax liability in their country of residence incurred as a result of taking part in the Programme.

7.24. Note that a Participant shall forfeit their entitlement to any rewards accrued but not yet paid under the Programme if he/she:

  • a) fails to provide correct PayPal details within ninety days of any reward being earned; or
  • b) closes their Programme account or their giffgaff Account becomes inactive.

7.25. The standard monthly SIM allowance for a Participant, unless otherwise agreed, will be 30 SIMs. The SIMs can be ordered from the Participants should allow approximately 14 days for delivery. SIMs should be activated in the UK

7.26. Only SIMs ordered from the Participant’s account through the giffgaff website are capable of producing rewards.

7.27. The right of Participants to receive payment is subject to their on-going compliance with these Terms and Conditions. giffgaff may, at its sole discretion, suspend or remove a Participant from the Programme at any time and without notice, and withhold or seek reimbursement of, or payment from any Participant in any reasonable circumstances, including but not limited to the following:

  • a) If the Participant has breached these or any other applicable terms and conditions;
  • b) If giffgaff suspects or has reasonable grounds to believe that the Participant has provided incorrect or misleading information to any member or to giffgaff;
  • c) If any member tops up SIM Cards provided by the Participant using a stolen, invalid or expired credit or debit card or giffgaff is required to refund a credit or debit card provider in respect of any SIM top ups;
  • d) If giffgaff suspects the Participant or Member is otherwise misusing or interfering in any way with the Programme or the giffgaff Network;
  • e) If giffgaff receives a complaint about a Participant; or
  • f) If the Participant has otherwise engaged in conduct which may breach any law or regulation or be detrimental to giffgaff’s reputation.

7.28. Any individual’s personal information obtained under this Programme will be used in accordance with giffgaff’s Privacy Policy, which is available at

7.29. giffgaff accepts no responsibility for any incorrectly completed, lost or delayed registration applications, notices, acceptances or other documents related to the Programme.

7.30. giffgaff may amend, suspend, withdraw or terminate the Programme at any time and for any reason on at least 30 days’ notice, which will be provided by email to Participants and/or on giffgaff’s website and/or on account. Any rewards genuinely accrued before the date on which the Programme is amended, suspended, withdrawn or terminated as appropriate will be paid as provided by these terms.

7.31. All decisions by giffgaff on matters relating to the Programme are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

As a Super Recruiter, you'll qualify for reward payments for your new recruits if they go on to top up or buy a goodybag for a second or third time within 120 days of activating their SIM.

For second and third top-ups to count, your recruits need to:

  • Activate their SIM with an initial top-up or goodybag purchase with a minimum value of £10

We pay all of our Super Recruiters exclusively via PayPal, so if you don’t have a PayPal account you’ll need to set one up. And you’ll receive your reward payments on a monthly basis. We usually make payments around the 20th of each month. If you don’t have a PayPal account, we’ll add the points to your giffgaff Payback account.

There are loads of ways to recruit new members and each Super Recruiter has their own method. Here are a few examples.

Access our latest branded online assets to help get you started. Or simply Order more SIMs and get distributing using social media links, family and friends etc.

We can help you with copy and design tips if you need them and you can also join in the latest news on the forums.

We want you to be proud of giffgaff and spread the word in a clear and honest way by telling people what's special about us. After all, we've got lots of great things to offer. We think it's important to highlight the great value and flexibility of our goodybag range. The joy of life with no contract and the marvel that is our brilliantly helpful and friendly community. As well as things like giffgaff being online only and us selling a huge range of unlocked phones.

giffgaff members all have a My recruits page. There you can see:

  • The number of SIMs you've ordered.
  • How many of those SIMs have been activated.
  • A detailed record of all the SIMs ordered with their order date and status over the last two payback periods.

This info will help you keep track of everything.

That all depends on you. As a Super Recruiter the sky's the limit and you can earn as much as you want, depending on how many new members you recruit to giffgaff. Recruiting members who are going to love life with giffgaff and stay with us will earn you more money, so it's always good to think about quality when recruiting new members. Think big and go for it.

As well as access to marketing banners and promotional material, we offer other additional benefits depending on which level Super Recruiter you are:


The biggest and most important asset we have is our members. We believe that no one can promote us and spread the word about giffgaff better than you. If we reward you well for doing so, then you’ll be motivated to tell even more people. We get excited new members and you earn money for spreading the giffgaff love. Win Win.

The estimated worth of your contacts is based on £5 for your first 15 activations. If you have more than 15 non-giffgaff contacts, we then value the remaining contacts at £10 each. This is based on you being an 'Apprentice Super Recruiter' and assuming that all of those recruits will top up at least 3 times, to gain you maximum rewards.

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