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What is Payforit and how does it work?

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Payforit is a payment method that uses your mobile phone credit to pay for subscription services online. If you're looking to get more information about how Payforit works or want to know how to stop a Payforit charge, you'll find all the info here.

More Information

Members can subscribe to the service using just their mobile number and do not require extra credit or debit card details. Those using the scheme to make a one off payment or subscribing to a merchant will go through two confirmation screens in order to sign-up and will receive a text message as a receipt of the purchase that they have made.

There are two methods to sign up use Payforit as a service to pay merchants.

  • Using Wifi: If you are using a data connection (other than giffgaff data) you will need to manually enter your giffgaff mobile number to start the billing process. You will then be directed to the merchant's website to complete the subscription process. Check out the examples below.

    54519173_2301934030046125_2382405787721924608_n.png                                 54730416_2069751799787138_9117249042852610048_n.png
  • Using your giffgaff goodybag/airtime credit: If you are using a giffgaff data session, you won't need to enter your giffgaff number when you attempt to subscribe to a service.
  • First Step in the verification process - the member will be prompted to confirm that they wish to purchase a product or service showing the cost and frequency (One off, weekly, monthly, yearly).
Check out the examples below:

PFA.png       pee3.png   pee3.png pee2.png   pee2.png

Second Step in the Verification process - the member is presented with a second confirmation screen to ensure they'd like to continue with their purchase of a product or service at the cost and frequency (One off, weekly, monthly, yearly).

Here is an example:

Confirm this chargePFA.png
This is what the final confirmation screen will look like once you have successfully subscribed to a service using the Payforit Scheme:


From May 11th 2019, Payforit merchants will also have to make sure a confirmation text is sent to your mobile before completing the subscription, which will detail the charge and what it's for. This may ask you to put a PIN into the website to confirm your subscription, or respond to the text message to confirm.

We have seen some members concerned that these services as unexpected or fraudulent.  Members who sign-up to a merchant's service should receive a monthly text confirming of their subscription, which includes the method to opt out, but you can also opt out of these services through the Phone-paid Services Authority, detailed below.

A subscription which has been paid for using the Payforit Scheme will show up in your messages. This will be sent from an 8 digit number. You should receive a text message that confirms your subscription, and a text message that gives instructions on how to cancel the subscription.

Here is an example of what the text will look like:


In order to stop a subscription, members ought to contact the merchant to whom they are subscribed. If you do not know the merchant and their contact details you can find these out using the Phone-paid Services Authority website.

Simply enter the 8 digit code that you received from the Payforit text into the website and their details will pop right up.  You will then have to contact them directly on the contact details provided and ask for your mobile number to be removed from their services.

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