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What to do if you receive Nuisance calls

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If you receive repeated nuisance calls, we can help investigate them. We can't block a particular number from calling or texting you but you can change your mobile number. This process cannot be reversed, so make sure it's really needed first. If you are determined to go for it, this is the right guide.

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Here are a few tips to help deal with nuisance calls:

  • Keep calm. Most malicious callers gain pleasure from upsetting the person they call, by keeping calm and showing no emotion, you may put them off.
  • Do not give out your mobile number. When you answer the phone, just say "Hello" rather than giving your name and number. This can stop a caller who dials your number at random from remembering it and calling again. If a caller asks you to confirm your number ask them what number they want and then tell them whether they are right or wrong.
  • Let callers identify themselves first. If their number is not displayed on your mobile then do consider rejecting calls with an unrecognisable number or withheld number.
  • Do not leave both your name and contact number. Change your mailbox so that it does not include any identifiable information.
  • If, after following these general precautions, the phone rings again. Do not say anything when you answer it. A genuine caller will speak first.
  • Do not talk to malicious callers. Some malicious callers may want nothing more than to have a conversation. You should put the mobile down calmly and ignore it for a few minutes before ending the call or switching it off. This can often deter the caller particularly when they realise they are wasting their time and money.
  • Do not reply to unfamiliar text messages from 07 mobile numbers. Some people may randomly send text messages to get a response from you, do not reply to the message if you do not know the number who has sent the message.
  • Do not return calls to premium rate numbers. If you receive a missed call from a number starting 070, 084, 087 or 09, do not call it back. You will be paying a premium rate to discover that you didn't really want to speak to whoever it is on the other end of the line.
  • Do not believe the number shown on the screen is genuine. Scammers can sometimes fake the telephone number. e.g. your bank's number shows up on your screen as if that were the number they are calling from. They then use that to try to convince you they really are calling from your bank.
  • Never give out personal information. Never reveal information such as passwords or PIN codes. End the call, then call your bank using the telephone number on your card or statement.

Remember, malicious callers use the phone to hide behind because most would be too frightened to say the same things to your face.

On most smartphones there are various apps that can be used to block incoming numbers, so consider using these to block the calls.

If you receive repeated nuisance call, we can help investigate them. We can't block a particular number from calling or texting you but we can change your mobile number. Changing your number can't be undone so make sure it's really needed first.

You can change your number twice by yourself from My giffgaff. This article details the process to change your phone number.

If you feel it appropriate please also report to the Police.

For further useful information please read this Ofcom guide

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