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Why can't I buy a goodybag?

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There are several reasons that can explain why you can't buy or start your goodybag just now. Please see the sections below to identify which one may relate to your situation:

More Information

When you buy a goodybag, you can enjoy the calling, texting and data allowance during a period of one month. If you happen to use all your texts, calling minutes, or your data allowance, you may want to buy a new goodybag.

This is possible, provided that you have less than 100mb, 100 texts or 100 minutes left in your current goodybag. See here for the instructions to purchase a goodybag early.

You can then buy a new goodybag to replace your active goodybag.

If you try to buy a new goodybag while you still have more than 100MB, 100 texts or 100 minutes left, your goodybag will be queued but won't activate before the previous one expires.

If you don't want to purchase a new goodybag early, you can still text, call or use internet until your goodybag expires, for any allowance you have used up you will be charged at Pay As You Go rates for texts and calls; data will be charged at the special rate of 5p/MB until the goodybag expires.

If it's after 9pm and your goodybag is expiring tonight or has already expired then the system 'locks out' all goodybag purchases until after midnight. The only top-up option available is to buy airtime credit.

You need to use airtime credit for calls and texts at PAYG rates and data at the rate of 5p/MB until the end of the lockout period, when the existing goodybag expires.

Think about turning off your data until you have bought the new goodybag as this will be charged at PAYG rate after midnight when your current goodybag has expired. To avoid this situation, you can choose to 'recur' your goodybag and it will seamlessly be renewed between 9pm - midnight on the expiry day. To find out how to recur your goodybag click here.

Or remember to queue your next goodybag at least a day or two before your goodybag is due to expire. To find out how to queue a goodybag click here.

If you have recurring goodybags switched on then you can't manually buy a goodybag as the system will automatically apply your next goodybag when your current one expires. If you wish to manually buy your next goodybag (e.g. if you want a different goodybag) then switch off recurring goodybags first here.

You can only have one queued goodybag so if you already have one (check on your dashboard) then you can't buy another one. If you want to change the goodybag you have queued then you need to use this guide to help you cancel your existing queued goodybag.

NB you can't cancel a queued goodybag if it is due to start in the next 24 hours.

If none of the above circumstances applies then check the Service Updates: Notice board to see if this is a known issue or see if the helpful Community can help.

Please Note: It is always best to troubleshoot your issue on our Help & Support forum before contacting an agent.

If after trying all of the above you are still unable to purchase a goodybag then it may be best to ask one of our agents to investigate this further. You can contact a member services agent here.

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