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The article you're viewing has been archived and is no longer being maintained. The information might be out of date. Fret not, visit our community, where our members are always ready to help you.   Having trouble setting up your Sony Xperia SP? The following guide might help you. More Information Internet and MMS Settings If you are facing issues with your Internet and MMS you can use these settings to help you General Phone Settings If you need more information about how to use your Sony Xperia SP, look no further. You will find below solutions to solve all your questions about this device.    User Guide Environmental declaration Handy Links The phone freezes My battery runs out quickly Phone Software Update Connect to a Wi-Fi Network My Wi-Fi connection keeps dropping I cannot power on my phone The phone doesn't seem to charge No network coverage NFC file transfer isn't working Multimedia messaging isn't working Text messaging isn't working The phone isn't detected by the computer USB file transfer isn't working My device is asking for a PIN or a PUK code
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