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A little tip for free internet on eastcoast trains

Started by: andyxhill
On: 11/06/2014 | 08:33
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by: andyxhill
on: 11/06/2014 | 08:33

SO you get 15 mins free in 2nd class and unlimited free in 1st class.You need to get on in a 1st class carriage and log in there.Then walk through to 2nd and you stay logged on as a 1st class passenger

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by: krissgee
on: 11/06/2014 | 08:47
Great tip- Thks a lot- have a good one- kriss
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by: michaeldullaway
on: 11/06/2014 | 10:50

Hi @andyxhill ,


Thank you for the info but I would advise fellow giffgaff members that this may be in breach of the wifi terms and conditions on the train service if you have not bought a 1st class (or 2nd class) ticket. Such action could result in you being removed from the train (at any station), fined and/or banned from using their service (wifi and/or trains).


Be careful out there.





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by: pwei94
on: 11/06/2014 | 13:28

Its also technically illegal to step into the 1st class car without a valid ticket (or other valid reason) - under the Railways Act 1890.

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by: rayraybb
on: 11/06/2014 | 17:40

What if one connects to the wifi at 1st class carriage before the train departs (assuming you are at Kings Cross) then move back to another carriage? You could use free wifi for the whole journey then

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by: blackfive460
on: 11/06/2014 | 17:43

So that's why East Coast's wi-fi is always so incredibly slow as to be almost useless. All those standard class punters stealing first class bandwidth.Smiley Wink

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by: mark2410
on: 12/06/2014 | 20:42
surely the point of being on gg is that you have unlimited data and aret teid to crap wifi?
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by: little_lion_girl
on: 12/06/2014 | 22:05
Great thank you! ☺️
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by: exmember-2018-356361
on: 13/06/2014 | 07:30
Have to agree with previous posters. If you go into 1st on a Standard ticket and do not upgrade BUT use the Wifi provided then you are technically breaching the NRCoC in respect of using a service for 1st class on a standard ticket without the appropriate fee being paid.

Now would the TM/Guard do anything? Potentially not. But s/he could do if they really wanted.

I know this happened on another operator and the guard took exception and removed the passengers off the train. (Which is the guards right - S/he can cite the reason "You do not fit the requirements to travel today") the passenger complained. The operator replied saying that they stole the wifi and they were breaching the NRCoC and the wifi terms.

Is it really worth it? When the wifi is rubbish for most of the journey..
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by: blackfive460
on: 14/06/2014 | 14:33

Well, for once, WiFi is working well on the 1405 Leeds - Kings Cross. No freeloading standard class punters stealing our first class bandwidth today perhaps.Smiley Very Happy

Mind you, the power sockets aren't working...Smiley Mad

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