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Alexa Windows Store app. Is it worth the download? (+ how to download) | Toxiic's TIMED Tips

Started by: toxiic
On: 02/02/2019 | 20:28
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by: toxiic
on: 02/02/2019 | 20:28

This time, I've set myself 30 minutes to create a guide on how to install the Alexa app on your windows PC and whether you should consider downloading it anyway! Enjoy Smiley Happy


How to set up Alexa on the Windows Store


  1. Open the Windows Store on your PC through clicking on the logo/searching on Cortana.
  2. Click the top left Search option and type “Alexa”.
  3. Click Install on the app with the Alexa (a blue comma with a white circle) logo.
  4. Launch the app after it’s downloaded.
  5. Follow the relevant steps of granting access/logging in.


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Brief Overview of app


I’ve had a quick test of the app and found it to be easy to use as opposed to when I tried it when the app just released (hence the quite unpopular reviews of the app on the Windows Store). You’re able to do quite a few different tasks like setting a timer (which counts down visually on the app) and play music. I’d say it’s somewhat of the equivalent of the Echo Show in terms of being able to visually show you the music you’re playing or what the time is in different countries which is what devices like the Echo and the Dot aren’t able to do seeing as they don’t have digital screens– and yet it’s all on a free app!

One issue to note is that I wasn’t able to get the “Alexa” wake word to work, which (like many Windows Store reviews said) slightly defeats it’s purpose. So, I’m unable to say “Alexa” then the request as you can do on other Alexa enabled devices – which is apparently due to my PC not supporting it. Instead, I just open the app then press the Alexa logo.



Is it worth a try?


I’d say so. If you can get past potentially not being able to use the Alexa wake word then I think it’s worth a try as it does visually present the requests you make. The app has come a very long way since I last used it about 3 months ago so you can expect it to be worthy of your time at a later stage if you’re not keen on it currently but are secured into the Alexa/Amazon ecosystem.




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