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Are you in the right account? ☎✘ £✘ g/bag✘

Started by: rayhoo
On: 26/01/2013 | 00:56
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by: rayhoo
on: 26/01/2013 | 00:56 edited: 16/04/2015 | 01:45

No phone number showing, goodybag missing, incorrect balance or goodybags not available for you to purchase?


Sometimes, members mistakenly open more than one account during registration (especially if encountering difficulties at the time) leading to them activating their sim under a different username than expected.

Even though only one account/sim will be active after being topped up, it sometimes happens that members log into the wrong account. This becomes apparent when no phone number is displayed.


NOTE:  If you're just registering your sim then it may just not have activated yet so allow 24 hrs. for activation.


  • if you've been using your sim up to now then check the following.
  • send a free text with the word NUMBER to 2020 and you'll be sent the number for that sim within a minute or two. Make sure it's the same as that displayed on your dashboard. 
  • So, if you've logged in to your account and your phone number is not displayed,  then take a look in My Payment History here My payment details  to see if any previous payments  are visible.  If previous payments are listed, then you would need to ask an agent to look into it for you: Ask an agent  (Answer "No" to the data tethering question displayed on the form and enter your query in the text box with as much detail as possible)


If no previous payments are showing, then to ensure that you're in the correct account, carry out the following procedure:


  • to confirm the correct username for your account text "Username" to 43430 and you'll receive a reply text with the username associated with that SIM/account
  • to confirm the e-mail address registered to your account when you joined text just text "Forgotten" to 43430
  • If you need to change/reset your password then enter your membername, phone number or e-mail address here Dont remember your username or password
  • You'll recieve a password reset link via e-mail



To reset your password reset link by text, you'll need to to enter both username, and phone number as shown below




If you still have problems, then you can always search the Help page, or Ask the community where you'll get further help, or be referred to an agent.


If you do need to contact an agent then as there is no specified category as yet, use this temporary link Contact an agent Just anwer "No" to the question on the form and submit your query in the 'Any further information'  text box.

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