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Started by: awais321
On: 23/09/2010 | 20:52
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by: awais321
on: 23/09/2010 | 20:52

Hi, i've just ordered Giffgaff sims for myself, family and friends etc. However, Im confused as to how the system works. Once i get my sim, do i get an 02 voucher and activate my sim using the voucher to topup? I want to use the sim for the goodybags so after topping up, how would i go about converting that to a goodybag? thanks.

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by: andreww
on: 23/09/2010 | 21:04 edited: 23/09/2010 | 21:06

You can use a voucher, or debit or credit card. Whichever you prefer. Yes once you're activated select buy goodybag and convert your credit into a bag.


It's very intuitive so you should find it straight forward, but any more questions or problems just let us know.


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by: andreww
on: 23/09/2010 | 21:09

One other thing to consider. Activate your own SIM first. Then order more for all your friends and family once you are up and running. That way they'll get £5 free credit each time, and you'll get 500 points each time (500 points = £5 for you at payback time in December!!!!)

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by: jonmd
on: 23/09/2010 | 21:09

The smart thing to do is order your sim (ideally from a referrer) and then activate it by putting at least £10 on it. Then request sims on your own account for your friends and family after actiivation is confirmed  (They will get an extra £5 credit when they activate them and you will get 500 points for each, worth £5, redeemable at the next payback date in December). You can buy a goodybag from your credit if required using the topup page as usual and selecting call credit as the payment method. However, I suspect that you can buy a £10 or greater goodybag directly from your phone voucher. This must all be done online from your My Giffgaff section after you've logged in.

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by: mary_r_t
on: 23/09/2010 | 21:10
You can use both Giffgaff and O2 top up vouchers. Giffgaff vouchers do technically exist at most points i think but shopkeepers have often not heard of Giffgaff and can get a bit confused about how to issue one!
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by: raybbl
on: 24/09/2010 | 01:49
I went along to my local paypoint retailer today to purchase my first giffgaff top-up voucher, the old lady in the shop had never heard of giffgaff but had no problem finding it on the paypoint machine (a simple press of mobile top-up, scrolling to next page to find giffgaff then selecting the amount... maybe bare this in mind to help both you and the shop keeper for the future)
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by: pen69
on: 24/09/2010 | 04:17

Yeh, I would like to add.

In the post office, I asked for a £10 giffgaff voucher, and after looking for 5mins, she said its not on the system.

On the very same system in the convenience store nextdoor, I asked for the same thing. Done, no problem!

The lady told me that I should explain to the Post Office (or any other retailer) that it's the same as a vodafone/ O2/Orange mobile top-up voucher, then the assistants will know where to look on their system.

Just asking for a giffgaff voucher is not yet adequate, as gg does not yet have the brand recognition that the bigboys have.

So, It is there. They just need to be told where to look!

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