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Started by: bonusball
On: 01/02/2012 | 15:33
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by: ibraheemjaved19
on: 01/02/2012 | 15:35
Very helpful for bb users
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by: oldyorkie
on: 01/02/2012 | 15:47

Bookmarked ...Thanks mate

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by: bluemoonbaz
on: 01/02/2012 | 21:55
Cheers bb will link to fir bb users if ok with you
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by: rosiehwood
on: 02/02/2012 | 18:15

if i have "giff-gaffed" my blackberry and played around with the setting in order to let me have internet will buying this add on just  change the settings back to blackberry browser and make bbm work or do i need to reset my phone?


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