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Blackberry - Get Your Missing Service Books

Started by: darrenpainter
On: 13/04/2012 | 17:52
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by: darrenpainter
on: 13/04/2012 | 17:52 edited: 15/04/2012 | 02:06

Many people may be aware of an issue currently affecting Blackberry users on giffgaffthat I have been documenting in


Despite having the Blackberry add-on and receiving service books for the common applications such as the browser and email, many members have complained that giffgaff are not currently providing the service books required for many of the popular instant messaging clients resulting in an error message that says 'service not enabled for this handheld'



In addition people report that their Blackberry Maps icon may also be missing despite the software being installed.


I have been in discussion with giffgaff who are consulting with RIM to determine why this is the case, but in the mean time I have been working on obtaining a set of the books required for as many of the applications as possible, which I am now making available to people.




Tested on

AOL,Windows Live,Yahoo, Google Talk, Blackberry Maps

Curve 8520 OS 5

Curve 9300 OS 6

Curve 9380 OS 7


1. Download the os7full.ipd service book pack to a folder on your computer

This file contains service books for the applications listed and will be used later to import them to your device


2. You will need to download Blackberry Desktop Manager for your computer (This is available in PC and MAC versions)

Install this to your computer and connect your Blackberry to your computer by USB cable


3. Before attempting to restore these service books, it is advisable to make sure you have a full backup of your device.

Launch Desktop Manager, select Backup, choose a name for the backup, then click Backup

Depending on the amount of data this may take a few minutes


4. Once you have a full backup, you can now restore the service book pack you downloaded earlier

From Desktop Manager, select Restore, select Open Another Backup File

Browse to the folder on your PC where you downloaded the service book os7full.ipd file earlier and select it to restore

This will be added into the list of backup files to restore 


5. You now highlight os7full from the list and then click restore 

You will be asked if you are sure, Select Start Restore and the file will be copied to your device.


6. You should now have the required service books needed for these applications

Once complete it is advisable to pull your battery , wait 30 seconds, reinstall the battery and power your blackberry on.

Now test your IM / Map applications to check that they work



Please note that I have succcessfully tested this on three devices in the Curve family

I am not able to verify this against any other models yet, so if this works for you, please let me know.

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by: mrcool073
on: 13/04/2012 | 17:56

nice guide darren

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by: jokeyboi77
on: 13/04/2012 | 18:26
great work darren nice one mate if its ok i'll bookmark it and slip it into the blackberry guide when i post cheers mate
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by: darrenpainter
on: 13/04/2012 | 18:33
I must also extend thanks to woodyuk and syorksdeano who have been helping on this behind the scenes, as well as everyone who contributed to my previous thread
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by: jokeyboi77
on: 13/04/2012 | 18:48
a big thank you to woodyuk and syorksdeano aswell cheers guys i'll find a post of yours to kudo aswell great work lads
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by: scott_hansen
on: 14/04/2012 | 21:58

ive just tried this and i can only get windows live messenger to work the rest still say service is not enabled for this handheld

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by: darrenpainter
on: 15/04/2012 | 02:09

I have just updated this thread with an all new pack containing all the service books in one file.

This has now been tested on a Curve 8520 OS 5, Curve 9300 OS 6 and Curve 9380 OS 7 and confirmed to work.


If anyone else has the oportunity to test it on other devices and confirm the result, I can update the thread to confirm device compatibility

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by: u_ghafoor
on: 16/04/2012 | 16:16
Wow this is amazing. Thanks for all of your hard work. You deserve the V.I.G badge mate. Smiley Happy.
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by: deenic8
on: 21/04/2012 | 09:38
Hi there, does this topic relate to playing youtube videos? I have a BlackBerry torch and have been on a £20 goody bag + BB add on for about a week now with everything working except the playing of online videos. I keep getting a 'buffering' message. Once or twice I get a data plan message? Any help is appreciated.
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