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Blackberry tips- Transfer BBM contacts to new device

Started by: jayesh01
On: 09/03/2012 | 19:48
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by: jayesh01
on: 09/03/2012 | 19:48
Re: Transfer BBM contacts to new device


i first want to preface these instructions with a thank you to T-mobile for **bleep** me off enough to figure this out on my own..... I hope that this will help some if not all of you!


if you have the 8900 through T-Mobile, then this is what you do:

1: make sure that your battery, sim card, and media card are still in your old phone.

2: go to BB messenger. make sure you can see the main BB messenger screen (contacts, groups, etc.)

3: hit your menu key and select back up contact list

4: select back up files locally

5: when you get to the back up files locally screen, change the save files to Media Card and save. it will generate a generic name for your contacts on the Media card.


once that is done, you can take the battery, sim, and media card out of the old phone and put it in the new one. once your phone has finished booting up, then you can:

1: go to bb messenger home screen

2: hit the menu key and select restore contact list

3: select restore using a back up file from device

4: serach for the Media card folder, then select im, select blackberry messenger, select yourold pin, select back up, then select that weird file name you saved your contacts to.

5: it will ask if you are sure you want to proceed with the back up operation and that it will replace your existing contacts (but you shouldn't have any if the phone is new or a replacement!) and slect yes. All of your contacts should show up in your contact lists! Ta Da!!!


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by: sakeb786
on: 09/03/2012 | 20:59

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