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Buy a goodybag from your top-up or aitime balance

Started by: rayhoo
On: 14/02/2013 | 15:53
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by: rayhoo
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If you're not quite sure of how airtime credit, goodybags and giffgaff to giffgaff allowances work, or if you even need to buy a goodybag at all then first take a look here How credit, gooybags and giffgaff to giffgaff allowance works


If you're ready to buy a goodybag from your airtime credit then continue:



A goodybag can't be purchased directly with a goodybag, the voucher must first be redeemed as shown below.


  • the voucher credit must first be added to your account by either
  • entering the voucher code in the Redeem a voucher   box on the top-up page or,
  • by dialling 43430 and entering the voucher code there, and then the goodybag can be purchased from the then exisitng airtime balance displayed in your balance box (goodybags can be purchased online only). 


top up.png








Buy a goodybag from airtime credit


When you have redeemed your voucher and it is credited to your balance, you are then able to use this airtime credit to buy a goodybag.

To purchase a goodybag or gigabag, just follow these very easy steps and you'll be on your way in no time!
Check that 'Recurring goodybags' is set to OFF here My payment details


Blackberry services can be used with any 3G goodybag at no extra cost and can be enabled/disabled in your Profile & Settings as shown here:


BB control.png



  • log in to My giffgaff  and click on the 'Top up'  button

Select from the following:


  • goodybags
  • gigabag (Tablets and iPads)


select product 4g.png





  • select your goodybag:  Pay particular attention to page tabs to avoid buying selecting the wrong product e.g. an ORANGE data only gigabag (which contains no minutes or texts to other networks) instead of a goodybag


New 4G goodybag.png







































  • click on "I only need a goodybag"




  • if asked to 'Recur your goodybag' then leave the checkbox unticked and click on 'Continue'

Recur £10.00 bag.png



  • click on "Exchange airtime credit" and that's it

exchange credit.png




  • You should see your g/bag on your dashboard almost immediately.
  • Once a goodybag is active it can't be canceled

More information

Click to reveal
  • if you usually use recurring goodybags, you must turn them off before buying a goodybag from credit
  • the option to exchange airtime credit for a goodybag will not appear under the following circumstances, as these options require payment via debit or credit card:
  • you do not have enough airtime credit to pay for the goodybag you've selected; or
  • you add additional credit, to your basket; or
  • you set your goodybag to recur; or
  • you set credit auto top-up
  • you can check all of your payments and their progress in My payment details
  • all completed payments will be show as "DELIVERED".

Changeover lockout period still applies!

Click to reveal

Buying a goodybag on the expiry date whilst still having an an active goodybag is still subject to the lockout period, even though the 'Start your next goodybag' link is available

lockout 3 locked.png


I don't have a g/bag and I want to buy one from my airtime balance

Click to reveal
  • Log in to My giffgaff, check you phone number to confirm it's the right account and double check your airtime balance

    Choose from
  • goodybags (Blackberry services are free with any 3G goodybag and can be enabled in My Profile and Settings
  • gigabag (Tablets and iPads)
  • select the g/bag you want
  • click on "I only need a goodybag"
  • if asked to 'Recur your goodybag' leave unticked and click on 'Continue'
  • click on the  'Exchange airtime credit' button and that's it

  • your goody/gigabag will appear on your dashboard almost right away
  • if you have a single g/bag, it will expire at 23.59hrs. on the same date next month, e.g. from the 3rd., to the 3rd. inclusive (queued and recurring goodybags run for one calendar month (from the 3rd., to the 2nd.)
  • remember that as you've purchased your goodybag from existing credit, your three months free giffgaff to giffgaff allowance does not reset again.  
  • your free gg to gg allowance will have been reset to 3 months from the time of your last top-up, or made a g/bag purchase made with a credit/debit card (with the exception of a queued g/bag purchased with a card, which would reset the gg to gg allowance once activated)
  • single goodybags can be purchased at any time, 24/7
  • if you choose to queue another goodybag to start when your current one expires then you can do so at any time except between 9.00p.m. and midnight on the expiry date of your current g/bag
  • if your current goodybag balance falls below either 5 minutes or 5MB of data before the expiry date is reached then you can buy another goodybag at any time up to 9.00p.m on the expiry date if you wish (otherwise after midnight)


MY Giffgaff MOBILE App..


To make all top-ups by voucher or credit/debit card, buy goodybags from existing airtime credit or by card via the new My giffgaff App.:

• log in to the My giffgaff App.

• go to 'My account' at the top of the page

• click on 'Ways to buy'

• make your selections.


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Any merit in including a link to your other fantastic guide Credit and Goodybag confusion?


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Nice post as always rayhoo Smiley Happy


Any merit in including a link to your other fantastic guide Credit and Goodybag confusion?


Cheers Neil!

Yes, it will be included there, I suspect it'll get more viewings there.

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Good post ray ,as always, clear concise and informative
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Nice one rayhoo for newbiesSmiley Wink


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