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What you get when topping up your credit



  • When you top up with cash/credit only either by voucher, Credit/Debit card, (PayPal for existing members) or auto topup, you will be on the standard UK Pay as you go tariff as set out in Pricing , plus, you will also qualify for free unlimited giffgaff to giffgaff calls, video calls, call forwarding (up to 60 minutes per call and then re-dial, or standard charges will apply) and texts to other giffgaff mobiles from the UK (even when the gg phone you call is outside the UK) for a period of 3 months (or until you next top up, at which time the 3 month period will be reset again). Note: Video calls to numbers outside the UK not supported.
  • Note: Providing your free gg to gg allowance is valid then you can call a roaming gg number from the UK for free, but the roaming phone will be charged for making and receiving calls, and sending texts etc at roaming rates (even if their free gg to gg allowance is valid).  If both phones are roaming of course then you both pay roaming charges accordingly. Receiving all calls within the UK is free.

All of the above is what you get just for topping up your cash/credit.


PayPal is available for existing members who wish to make a single purchase, for either goodybag or topup


  • free phone number 0800, 0808 and 0500 are free!
  • facebook text updates are free!
  • only new credit ( including credit added via 'Altruistic Top-up'), a new ACTIVE goody/gigabag (not queued) purchased with a Debit/credit card, (PayPal for existing memebrs) or Payback Payout of £10.00 or more added to your account (Top-up) can qualify you for free giffgaff to giffgaff allowance
  • If you wish, you can buy a £5.00 or above goodybag/gigabag using a Debit/Credit card which would constitute a top-up and reset your allowance, but as with all goodybag/gigabag purchases, it's not the goodybag/gigabag which resets the gg  to gg allowance, it's the new cash/credit with which they're purchased.  This offers the only method of being able to top up by £5.00 (by buying the goody/gigabag), as the minimum cash top-up voucher available to purchase is £10.00, and there is no other facility on the website to accomodate a Top-up of less than £10.00 cash/credit.
  • queued G/bags purchased with a card do not reset the free gg to gg allowance until they become activated.
  • if a g/bag is purchased from your existing airtime balance, then your giffgaff to giffgaff free allowance will not renew
  • You need to top-up at least every 3 months (or purchase a live (not queued) or buy a  £5.00 or above, goodybag/gigabag, with a Debit/credit card) to receive free giffgaff to giffgaff free allowance, if you don't then Standard UK rates will apply.


 Credit & goodybag confusion


Blackberry services can be used with any 3G goodybag at no extra cost and can be enabled/disabled in your Profile & Settings here:  My profile & settings



  • as some people are getting confused as to what they should get when buying a goodybag/gigabags, and/or buying credit, it's worth mentioning that goodybags, with their inclusive content have to be purchased either from existing airtime cash balance or Credit/Debit card, and are not part of any free allowance just for topping up (like the giffgaff to giffgaff allowance is).
  • So, if you have a starting cash balance of £10.00, and you buy a £10.00 goodybag, then your balance would be reduced to £00.00


Buying a g/bag from your existing airtime cash balance, or a Debit/Credit Card.





  • start date: Date of purchase, 27th June ( immediate activation).
  • expiry date: 27th July inclusive (expires at midnight on the 27th).
  • the next goodybag could be purchased at approximately 00.01hrs. on the 28th if required.
  • if you choose to continue buying a goodybag monthly by this method, then you will see the anniversary date would advance by one day each month as shown above.
  • should you run out of inclusive minutes for instance before you reach the expiry date, then you would need available cash credit to make calls etc. at the standard rate
  • you also have the option to start a new, queued or recurring goodybag if you wish, which would completely replace your current one (and any remaining calls, texts or data) provided the balance is below either 5 minutes, or 5 MB of data
  • you can buy a new goodybag at any time up to 9.00 pm on the expiry data of the current goodybag
  • Start your next goodybag today


if you don't have an active goody/gigabag then you can buy a new one at any time. If you have a g/bag with balances below 5 minutes, or 5Mb of data, then you can buy/activate one at any time (except from 9.00p.m. to midnight on the expiry date of the current goodybag)  with a £10.00 or above voucher by first redeeming your voucher and crediting your account. You can then go back to the top-up page and convert your credit into a goodybag Voucher top-up and buying a goodybag from airtime credit


  • You can have one active goodybag and one queued if you wish.  All you need do is go to the top up page and buy another goody/gigabag in the usual way (Note: Auto Recurring goodybags must be Disabled to be able to queue another goodybag. You can check that here in My payment details Once payment has been successfully taken, the new goodybag will automatically queue to commence as soon as the current one has expired. 
  • queued goody/gigabags (unlike single G/bags) run for one calendar month e.g. from the 28th. to the 27th. making the the anniversary date constant at the 28th. of the month.                              
  • you can also choose to buy a goodybag only, or you can buy a goodybag plus credit in a single transaction using a Debit/Credit card. Just go to the topup page and follow the process.This also resets your gg to gg allowance expiry date.


Note:  It's always a good idea after making any purchases or topups, to check in My payments to see that your orders are correct, and that payments have been accepted (delivered). This could save you a lot of unnecessary waiting around if things weren't right.
Take care choosing your product.

A queued goodybag can be removed if required via an Agent: Cancel queued good/gigabag and the account re-credited (allow 24 hrs. notice).



Note: Free giffgaff to giffgaff allowance does not reduce your goodybag minutes, the allowance is given just for topping (or buying a live goodybag) up as described above.



Auto recurring goodybags by registering and saving a Debit/credit Card.


  • If you choose to Auto recur goodybags monthly, then provided you have an active g/bag you can set it up by selecting it on your dasboard (or if you don't have an active g/bag, then you can select it during the purchase of the goodybag).

Note: The message "You are too close to expiry to edit  Auto Recur"


  • you cannot set up Auto Recur after 09.00pm (07.30 p.m. from the 30th. November 20105) on the expiry date of a current goodybag.  You would have to wait until after midnight to buy a new goodybag, and then set Auto Recur if required.
  • if you have Auto Recur set up and you want to edit your selection, or cancel Auto Recur on the expiry date then you can do so up to 09.00 pm. (7.30 p.m. as from the 30/11/2015).
  • to change a recurring goodybags just  go to My payments and select 'Change'
  • select the goody/gigabag you want to start next and 'Save recurring settings'
  • if you wish to cancel a recurring goodybag then untick the box 'Recur your selected goodybag' and 'Save recurring settings'
  • if you choose to remove your saved card details to disable Auto Recur, then you would need to allow 24hrs. to complete. and you won't be able to save them again until the queued G/bag commences.
  • Auto recurring goodybags run for one calendar month from the date of purchase i.e. 28th to the 27th inclusive. In this case, the anniversary date will remain constant at the 28th of each month.
  • The new goodybag will commence on the expiry of the previous one, so there'll be no break in service.
  • More details here Auto recurring goodybags  on how to set up Auto recur (knowledge base).
  • giffgaff to giffgaff allowance will be reset after every Auto recurring goodybag renewal, so you will see the allowance expiry date advance by one month each month.
  • as g/bag duration is one calendar month with Auto Recur, the renewal anniversary date will remain the same each month.    
  • top-ups can be made at any time to cover calls, texts and MMS etc which are not included in any goodybag, and if unused, the credit will remain there until it's you use it.


Buy a goody/gigabag early (before the expiry date)


  • Once a g/bag balance falls below 5 minutes, or 5 MB of data, a new goodybag can be purchased, a queued one started early or a recurring goodybag start date brought forward if required. Once these conditions are met, a message will appear on your dashboard Start your next goodybag today.
  • if a queued goodybag is in place and you want to start a different type g/bag early then the queued g/bag would have to removed first via an agent Ask an agent to cancel a queued goodybag
  • buying a g/bag early is your choice and must be completed manually by the member.  A g/bag which has run out of minutes or data will not automatically activate another g/bag and will charge your airtime credit for services used which are no longer covered by the goodybag
  • Single Goody/gigabags are available to buy 24/7.  If you have an active goodybag, then you can queue another one up to 10.00pm on expiry date of the current one (provided recurring goodybags is not Enabled).
  • Any unused minutes remaining on your goodybag when it expires will be lost.
  • The same conditions apply to the purchasing of gigabags as goodybags, you can have one active and one queued at any time.
  • Note: All goodybags/Gigabags at present, are for use in the UK only and cannot be used abroad.


Goodybags with inclusive calls and texts



  • these allow you make calls and send texts from within the UK to any UK registered mobile (wherever in the world it may be), UK standard landline numbers starting 01, 02 and 03, and voicemail at 1 minute per call. Calls are charged by the second with a minimum charged of 1 minutes per call.
  • remember that if you call a UK registered mobile from the UK whilst it's roaming, that they will be charged roaming rates to make and receive all calls, and send texts etc.
  • if both phones are roaming of course then you both pay roaming charges accordingly.


Not included in any goodybags


Click to reveal
Services NOT included in a goodybag:
 Airtime credit is required to use these services. Check by dialing *100#
  • MMS
  • Video calling


Non-mobile 07 numbers, detailed listing

074060, 074061, 074062, 074063, 074064, 074065, 074066, 074067, 074068, 074069, 074171, 074172, 074176, 074177, 074179, 074181, 074182, 074185, 074186, 074188, 074390, 074391, 074409, 074410, 074411, 074412, 074415, 074417, 074418, 074419, 074515, 074516, 074517, 074572, 074574, 074577, 074578, 074579, 074580, 074581, 074582, 074583, 074584, 074653, 074655, 075200, 075201, 075203, 075204, 075205, 075207, 075208, 075209, 075370, 075373, 075375, 075376, 075377, 075378, 075379, 075590, 075591, 075592, 075593, 075595, 075597, 075598, 075710, 075718, 075890, 075891, 075892, 075893, 075898, 075899, 077000, 077001, 077442, 077443, 077444, 077445, 077446, 077447, 077448, 077449, 077530, 077552, 077553, 077554, 077555, 078220, 078221, 078222, 078224, 078225, 078226, 078227, 078229, 078644, 078722, 078727, 078730, 078744, 078745, 078922, 078925, 078930, 078931, 078933, 078938, 078939, 079110, 079112, 079118, 079245, 079780, 079781, 079782, 079783, 079784, 079785, 079786, 079787, 079789

20p per minute
20p per text

Keeping your SIM activated!

Click to reveal

Make a least one call, SMS or MMS to another number (for technical reasons, emergency calls (i.e. 999/112) and SMSes/calls to giffgaff services (i.e. 2020, 43430) do not apply)

Make at least one connection to the internet
Receive at least 4 calls of 10 seconds or more.
Make at least one topup/purchase (credit or goodybag)
Receive Payback points (for recruiting new members or participating in the community)Should your sim become deactivated after 6 months of inactivity, your portal/account log in will still work.  If in the future you want to get a new sim and assign it to your old account you still can, however you won't get the same mobile number, it will have "new account status".

Check your balances

Click to reveal
Once activated, you can check when your balances on your phone by dialling:
             *100#     for credit balance
             *100*7#  for remaining goodybag minutes
             *100*5#  for remaining texts (this applies only to the £5.00 Hokey Cokey goodybag.
             *100*9#  for added incoming minutes from other networks
You'll find your gg balance, gg top-up, gg voicemail and gg calling (this number only enables giffgaff to be able to contact you, and you have no access to this number to contact by giffgaff) in your sim contacts.
It's a good idea to enter the following in your contacts too;
gg minutes remaining;          *100*7#  for remaining goodybag minutes
gg texts remaining;               *100*5#  this is only for use with the Hokey Cokey goodybag.
giffgaff to giffgaff free allowance expiry date: gg expiry date:  *100*1#                    


Note;  Dialling *100*5# on an "Unlimited Text" or a £7.50 and above goodybag will always show zero texts remaining. As the texts are unlimited, there's no set number to calculate a balance from, so that's normal.

giffgaff to giffgaff allowances and goodybags/gigabags

Click to reveal

 Free gg to gg calls, texts, video calls and call forwarding allowance is awarded just for topping up and will give you free gg to gg alllowance for a period of 3 months (or until you next topup, or buy a goodybag with new money). A minimum credit topup is £10.00 either by credit/debit card or by voucher.



Payback of £10.00 or more credit which has been added to your account also counts as a topup which will reset your gg to gg allowance (but for one time only per Payback Payout). You can buy future goodybags from your balance but they won't reset the gg to gg allowance (as resetting the date is topup or new money purchase dependent).


 So, if you topup again before the 3 months allowance expiry date, then the new expiry date will be reset for 3 months from that date (the most recent topup date). The new money purchase of any goodybag/gigabag (including a £5.00 or above goodybag/gigabag) either by card or voucher also constitutes a topup, and will reset your free allowance (providing you don't already have a current goodybag).


e.g.: If you do have an active goodybag which has previously been purchased from your existing airtime balance, then ( for technical reasons) purchasing (queuing) any goodybag (even with a card) will not reset your gg to gg allowance until the queued goodybag becomes live.


But, if you have a current goodybag/gigabag bought previously from existing airtime balance and you top up by £10.00 cash (either by card or by voucher), then the gg to gg 3 month allowance expiry date will reset again from the topup date.


If you were to buy a goodybag/gigabag on a monthly basis with new credit, then the first month would also give you 3 months free gg to gg allowance. Subsequent months would show the gg to gg allowance expiry date advance by one month at a time.


e.g.: New goodybag/gigabag purchase in JAN gives gg to gg allowance until APR

        New goodybag.gigabag in FEB would reset the allowance for 3 months from FEB to MAY So, for each consecutive month you buy a new purchase goodybag/gigabag, you would see gg to gg allowance expiry date advance by one month.

Important:  If you buy, and queue a goody/gigabag on the same day, then your gg to gg allowance would only reset for 3 months (where you would have had 4 months by purchasing with a card) as the reset takes place on the most recent top-up date. Therefore, to queue a goody/gigabag with new credit, then the most favourable time to do it would be on the expiry date of the current goody/gigabag as the new credit would reset the allowance expiry date from that date.

Auto Recurring goody/gigabags will reset the free gg to gg allowance for 3 months on the day each new G/bag becomes live on your account (as that's when the G/bag payment is taken from your card).


The only exception to having to top up by £10.00 is at the point of sim registration (only a sim which was ordered directly form the webiste, and not by referral or via another member).  You can register with the purchase of any £5.00 or above goody/gigabag if you wish by using a Credit/Debit card, and this would also give 3 months gg to gg allowance.

Note: You can purchase any data only gigabag on activation of your giffgaff sim if you wish, but if you are activating a member-get-member SIM (with £5 extra credit) then the minimum purchase you can activate your SIM with is £10.00 or more cash/credit, or a £10.00 or above goody/gigabag with a card.

MMS Simply

Click to reveal

Wherever you are in the world, sending a picture message (MMS) to any UK mobile number (wherever it may be in the world) (max 300KB) costs 16p, and sending to a non UK registered number costs 24p.  Downloading MMS is totally free.
Note:  Data must be enabled to use MMS but no extra data charge is made for using MMS.


Some devices require that Wi-Fi be turned off to use MMS.

See more on how MMS works


 Note:  MMS is not included in any goodybags.  They will be charged per message from your airtime balance.


Remember that when you have data enabled for MMS use, that any other internet applications that you may have running in the background will incur data charges.




My giffgaff App. 


 To make all top-ups by voucher or credit/debit card, buy goodybags from existing airtime credit or by card via the new My giffgaff App.:

• log in to the My giffgaff App.

• go to 'My account' at the top of the page

• click on 'Ways to buy'

• make your selections. 




I hope this thread helps.




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got it thanks  Smiley Very Happy

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by: rlproper
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Just revisited this and wanted to comment that the purchase of a goodybag that takes you below £3 does now trigger an auto top up. I kind of wish it didn't but have seen it happen twice so can confirm that that bug has been fixed.
I try to give good info but remember I am just another customer.
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@rlproper wrote:
Just revisited this and wanted to comment that the purchase of a goodybag that takes you below £3 does now trigger an auto top up. I kind of wish it didn't but have seen it happen twice so can confirm that that bug has been fixed.

Well it seems that they must be be doing something with the system maybe.  Thanks for the update, the only reason I posted this summary was because so many people didn't understand how how Auto Top-up worked, and were always asking why it didn't top up whilst they were using goodybags.

Well as that's the case, it'll be good new for lots of people, if not for yourself! 

Thanks very much for adding that to this post, and I'll try to find out if any changes are being made at to Auto Top-up at the moment.

Maybe other will also confirm your statement after reading this.

Thanks again.  Will update with any news.

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very good, informative post Smiley Happy
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Great Post, this clears up alot of confusion between the 2 for users Smiley Happy job well done mate
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