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Call cost calculator

Started by: screetonmatthew
On: 24/06/2015 | 22:05
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by: screetonmatthew
on: 24/06/2015 | 22:05 edited: 08/09/2015 | 12:24

The call cost calculator works out how much a call to 084, 087, 090, 091, 098 and 118 numbers will cost you.


To try it out please go to


This resource has now been completed and is up-to-date for the new pricing that came in on the 1st of July 2015.


For giffgaff the correct access charge of 25p per minute is already selected.


Wherever you see one of these numbers advertised the service charge *must* be listed along side it.


After entering the service charge a table is generated showing the call cost for different call durations.


In addition a permalink is generated to allow linking to a specific result.


If you have any suggestions for improvement (e.g. you find a missing servie charge) please post in this thread and I will make the alteration as soon as possible.




giffgaff best tariff calculator
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by: screetonmatthew
on: 24/06/2015 | 22:08

This is an implementation of @ian011 idea Smiley Happy

giffgaff best tariff calculator
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by: i_am_sy
on: 24/06/2015 | 22:10
You'll need to update it still shows the old goodybags from a year back.
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by: lj1708
on: 24/06/2015 | 22:10
Such a good idea
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by: screetonmatthew
on: 24/06/2015 | 22:17 edited: 24/06/2015 | 22:20

@i_am_sy - I had not realised I even had anything there!


The link everyone should use for the goodybag calculator is which is fully up-to-date.


I have fixed the link to re-direct to now

giffgaff best tariff calculator
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by: endorphin
on: 25/06/2015 | 10:54
Can I suggest you put "Pricing from 1 July 2015" in bold red letters just so that's its obvious.
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by: screetonmatthew
on: 19/07/2015 | 14:49

Changes from version 0.01 to 1.02


  • Access charges are now displayed precisely (9.58p rather than the rounded to 9.6p)
  • Service charge and Access charge costs explicitly displayed in results table
  • Added note that VAT is included at 20%
  • Additional increments added
  • "per minute" appended for clarity
  • Notes added beneath the drop downs to clarify the meaning
  • Permalink structure shortened and finalised
  • Dyanmic results section added 
  • Additional service and access charges added
  • Index page added for all 5 tools
giffgaff best tariff calculator
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by: screetonmatthew
on: 08/09/2015 | 12:23

V1.04 updates the default giffgaff Access Charge to 25p per minute 


(Also added additional Access Charge for other operators)

giffgaff best tariff calculator
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by: an_droid
on: 10/11/2017 | 08:14

I would love it if you could type any number in and it would work out the call cost, also if it could show any public information about the number, such as location for landline, whether it had been reported, from one handy page, you can get some of this for some numbers from some different websites, but to gave a reliable efficient webpage for all (knowable) numbers in one place, also with a report this number or block this from calling my mobile sim with blocklist that can be managed, sorry i could go on and on!, I want it all!

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