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Calling 0845, 0870 for FREE on giffgaff

Started by: tj17
On: 17/10/2010 | 21:11
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by: tj17
on: 17/10/2010 | 21:11

well, not exactly..


But a great website : has a free of charge number (0800) for nearly EVERY company,


It saves you money as you won't have to pay the national rates Smiley Happy


For example, if you want to call O2, you'd have to call an 0845 number, if you just use this site to search for that number, or for the name (i.e. O2) then it will bring up a list of confirmed numbers that go to the same place but use a different number..



Not too shabby, eh?

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by: zoestabler
on: 17/10/2010 | 21:19
Quite good tbh
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by: samlowe
on: 17/10/2010 | 21:41

Would be very good to be able to ring 0845 and 0870 etc numbers would be good, but I have used is very good! Use it all the time!

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by: khairul
on: 17/10/2010 | 22:01
Yep, I also use it quite regularly. It's great.
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by: danielclo1il
on: 17/10/2010 | 23:52

theres also an iPhone app for this Smiley Wink 


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by: drmouse
on: 18/10/2010 | 13:41

There's an app for that... Ooops, I may get done for trademark infringement there Smiley Happy


There's an Android app on the Market too, think it's just called noto08

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by: samlowe
on: 18/10/2010 | 16:13
What's the iPhone app called?
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by: mo_1
on: 19/10/2010 | 13:24

iphone app is called 0870 - just search for it in the app store

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by: sloz
on: 19/10/2010 | 17:31
Theres a symbian version of the app as well. But you cant put in a name of a company to search. Just a number
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by: dreamtheater
on: 20/10/2010 | 16:52
I have used the site for about 3 years to get numbers from...very handySmiley Happy
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