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Co-pilot for Android now free in Play Store

Started by: greenman
On: 10/05/2012 | 18:26
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by: greenman
on: 10/05/2012 | 18:26 edited: 10/05/2012 | 18:30

If you want a copy of Co-pilot satnav on your phone it is now FREE in the Play Store.


It DOESN'T have voice guidance, but otherwise like the paid for version it gives turn by turn on screen guidance (so good for the passenger to follow and give instructions) and allows you to download maps for ONE country for free.


Take a look here



If you want a free satnav but with spoken and on screen instructions have a look at NavFree:



And one more, so no excuses for getting lost Smiley Very Happy

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by: blackfive460
on: 10/05/2012 | 18:28

Thanks for pointing that out. Very handy.

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by: jlee
on: 10/05/2012 | 20:48
I've currently got Navfree, but i'll see what this one's like thanks!
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