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Contact listing for Dyslexics

Started by: john_dickson
On: 05/08/2013 | 14:02
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by: john_dickson
on: 18/03/2014 | 20:46
Thanks for all the kudos guys, there are also fonts for the PC that have really helped me... If anyone has any other tips then please post or message me so I can share with others. Many thanks, John
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by: dartgirl
on: 19/03/2014 | 08:44
That's a very good tip,A lot of people will be very happy with that.well done.
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by: bee4
on: 19/03/2014 | 23:38

Thanks John for two excellent tips. I'll pass them on - both my kids are dylexic.


We could do with something in the 'How To...' lists, for Accessibility Tips. Maybe you could suggest it. I did put a suggestion in the Contribute forum ages ago about the 'How To..' intructions being unnecessarily 'wordy' - I think bullet points are easier to follow - but it didn't get enough support for anything to happen.





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by: jcalvy
on: 19/03/2014 | 23:43
That's a great tip john, thanks for sharing.
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by: john_dickson
on: 31/05/2014 | 13:27

Hi Guys,

Here's another font that I am now using which I am finding so easy to read


Segoe Print Regular


The way I would describe it is that my eyes flow over the lines of text instead of it feeling all jittery & jumpy as I read, like riding on a piece of nicely re-surfaced road.


Here's a download link ...


Please pass this on to anyone you know that is, or have children that are, dyslexic





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by: asciimotog
on: 31/05/2014 | 17:22

Thanks for the tip. 


I always like to hear new ideas to make my life simpler.


recently i've started making "weemee" characters for entries in my phone book so that i can look at the pictures rather than the names for a similar reason.

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by: johneym1
on: 09/02/2015 | 22:15
Thank you.his is very heapfull.......THANK YOU
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by: hecticjunk
on: 31/05/2015 | 08:52
As a teacher with a diploma from the Dyslexia Institute, I find this very interesting. Thank you.
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