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Dueal Sim phone for UK with good GPS

Started by: headcoat
On: 24/03/2015 | 09:17
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by: headcoat
on: 24/03/2015 | 09:17

I am looking for a new Android phone, my main requirements are that it must be Dual sim and also have a good GPS signal.


I have had a couple of chinese phones and the GPS is not good, it may be that they are sub £100 phones. I've tried all the fixes but it still doesn't resolve it, such as, the one I have now, I can be stood still and the GPS will continue to wander around the place some 300 or more meters.


Can anyone recommend one? I don't mind Chinese phones as long as the GPS works.



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by: rhodeatlas
on: 24/03/2015 | 09:26
Lumia 535 dual sim, sim free £77 approx from I got the Orange colour. Excellent phone with 5 inch screen and its windows which is very easy to use.
Phone took 48 hours to arrive.

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by: allan1954
on: 24/03/2015 | 09:28
google good dual sim deals on there.
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by: mathew40
on: 24/03/2015 | 09:35
Hi there @headcoat
My wife has just bought a THL 5000 and its absolutely amazing. Ive personally never heard of THL until my wife bought the device a few weeks ago.
I currently use a Samsung S5, and the THL device is almost as good,and at a quarter of the cost,see here
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by: jumshadkhan
on: 02/04/2015 | 17:17
Get the thl 5000. 5000mah battery. Only needs a charge after 3 days. Octa core 2.0ghz. Sony camera lens, 16gb ROM and 16 GB storage. All for £167.00 from
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by: ken_peck
on: 03/04/2015 | 12:31
Looking at the specs of the THL5000 it does not support the 900GHz 3G frequency and so will not work everywhere in the UK.
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by: torchy02
on: 15/11/2015 | 21:24

If you find one let me know  . My requirements are the same . Lumia 430 is good but does not have a message / missed  call  alert repeat  function . Not imprtant to everyone but not all of us walk around with our phone glued to our hand or are glancing at the screen every 10 secs !!  I find that function most useful obvious microsoft don't .

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