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Easy avatars for the giffgaff community forums

Started by: xmob
On: 21/07/2010 | 10:58
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by: xmob
on: 21/07/2010 | 10:58 edited: 21/07/2010 | 11:00

Several YEARS ago I had an idea for a web site.  A recent discussion on this web site finally made me pull my finger out and do something about it.  Smiley Happy


Resizing images just to use as an avatar on multiple sites can be a real pain in the rear.  That's why I (finally) created  Simply upload your images (up to 5) and the web site will size your image accordingly.  In the case of giffgaff, this is done automatically.  Your image can be any from your pool, or one chosen at random.


Using the avatars here is easy enough.


Visit and click on the register link to create a new account:


Before you can log in, you'll need to activate your account.  This is as simple as clicking on a link sent to you by email.


Once activated, you can log in.  After logging in, click on the "My Images" link:


This is where you will upload your images.  Under each slot you will see an upload icon.  Click that to upload an image:


Upload up to 5 images in the available slots:


Once you have uploaded your images, click on the "Generate Links" link:


For giffgaff, you can leave the "Avatar type" option set to automatic.  Highlight the text in the yellow box and copy it to your clipboard.  (Control-C or Command-C depending on if you're a PC or Mac user).


Log in to you account here at giffgaff and go to the communities.  Click on the "My Community Settings" link at the top of the page:


Then click on the "Avatars" tab and choose "From the web".  Paste you link into the "Custom avatar URL" field (Control-V or Command-V):


Click on "Set avatar" and you're all done.  Easy!

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by: anthonydclark
on: 21/07/2010 | 11:30
there are plenty of sites to use or just google a pic and as above and your pic will be scaled down to how it should be on site. i get fed up looking at mine like on facebook too and change it to whatever mood i am in.
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by: xmob
on: 21/07/2010 | 11:38

You have to remember that many sites, this one included, only change the size of the displayed image.  In the case of people using very large photos (which has happened) the whole, full size image is downloaded and just displayed smaller.  This can be a problem for people using mobile devices.

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