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Emojis not working on your Moto G? One possible solution...

Started by: evermort
On: 30/03/2015 | 21:42
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by: evermort
on: 30/03/2015 | 21:42

Hi All


if you don't want to read the background of my story,

try setting your SMS encoding method to Automatic



Apologies if this is widely known already, or I've duplicated another post or placed it in the wrong area!


But I felt compelled to post this to help some other user that may be having trouble with emojis on their Moto Gs (these are the little pictures you can place in text messages).  They seem to be like the old emoticons but with many more to choose from.


Anyway, I'd bought a Moto G for my daughter 's birthday and she was upset to see that her emojis weren't working.


After much googling and keying in of APN details from various posts on these forums - none of which would work for me, I happened across this setting in the messaging app:


SMS encoding method


It was set to GSM 7-bit by default.  It only has 2 settings so I changed it to the other one (automatic) and lo and behold, emojis can now be sent!


So basically try setting your SMS encoding method to Automatic


Hope this helps someone someday!

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by: leedorney
on: 30/03/2015 | 21:46
Yeh mines set to that too... Hope ya daughters enjoying that phone - I love mine, 1 of the best around!
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by: mfish
on: 30/03/2015 | 21:48
Hi, that allows your phone to turn sms in to mms to send Emojis. they will cost you 16p per mms
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by: bluenose5
on: 31/03/2015 | 11:50
16p thats a lot .
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by: evermort
on: 01/04/2015 | 10:27 edited: 01/04/2015 | 10:28


to leedorney


Yes, it is a great phone.

The only thing is that they make it very difficult to distinguish between the different versions when trying to buy them!  They are all Moto Gs!  I picked my daughter up one of the newer but smaller versions as the larger screen size would have been too big.

I will be seriously looking at one when it's time for me to change as they seem to be the closest thing to a Google Nexus style phone for me as the Nexus 6 isn't of any interest to me.

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by: evermort
on: 01/04/2015 | 10:31

to mfish


Hi,  I'm pretty sure I checked this at the time and it wasn't charging her anything to send them.  I'll check her phone this evening to be sure though!

Are you saying these 16p messages would be coming off her credit at 16p a pop?  Separate from the goody bag?



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by: leedorney
on: 01/04/2015 | 11:39
Yes there're lotsa versions. The compact z3 is similar in size but bigger ram - 2gb - more £'s tho... ;/
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by: illy1965
on: 05/04/2015 | 13:14

Just changed the setting on my girlfriend's moto g and it works a treat, thanks for the tip 

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by: evermort
on: 06/04/2015 | 11:26

Hi All


This is just a quick update regarding the cost of sending emojis when setting SMS encoding to automatic..

It's a week later and my daughter has been sending a lot of emoji texts.

I've checked the balance on her phone and it hasn't shifted yet - so definitely not getting charged 16p per text so it seems to not treat it as an mms.

She is sending emojis to giffgaff and O2 numbers and getting charged for neither.


Hope this helps.



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by: gi_ra
on: 15/04/2016 | 21:26
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