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Started by: dips18
On: 13/02/2018 | 02:45
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by: dips18
on: 13/02/2018 | 02:45 edited: 13/02/2018 | 12:47

Back Up your files e.g Music, Pictures, documents and anything else you wish to back up or just if you need to free up space from your devices. 

Ive been using Google Drive, Samsung Cloud Drive and Also One Drive (Microsoft). 


You can link it to your device so it saves certain files automatically e.g camera pictures. 

Heres the link to sign up:-


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by: markulous
on: 13/02/2018 | 06:02

Already use Carbonite to back up photos - 7.8TB for 500k pics (about half my total)

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by: sandramoakley6
on: 13/02/2018 | 06:15
one drive has the nasty habit of trying to back up my entire laptop and use all my storage
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by: dips18
on: 13/02/2018 | 06:26

Hey @sandramoakley6 thats abit strange to why it should being trying to do that.
I use it on my Phone mainly so i restrict what its used for and what goes on it.
Thought it would be near enough similar to using it on the oohone and Laptop really.

Theres always certain storage clouds that certain people wont like and others will like. 

I personally aint the biggest Storage Cloud fan to be honest. On them i only like to back up certain things akd not everything as i bepieve nothing is completely safe and private. 

So what i do to back my files is use an External Memory Card. 


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by: sandramoakley6
on: 13/02/2018 | 06:47
i have window phone now so microsoft seams to do as it plesese
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by: dips18
on: 13/02/2018 | 06:56
Android phones are the best ones. Well everyones gna have different opinions whether which is better or not tho.
Just like these Cloud services people will always have their favourite ones to use.
Ive got 3 set up but like i said the main thing to use is an External Memory Card as this is yours and only you have access to it.
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by: kenralph
on: 13/02/2018 | 07:42
Why not mention Degoo?
100GB straight off.
Then more when you visit, more when you recommend, and much more if you decide to click on a link to watch a short advert.
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by: dips18
on: 13/02/2018 | 08:04
Hey @kenralph didn't mention ""Degoo" for the reason ive never heard of it.
Only mentioned the ones im aware of and use.
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by: dtuxcomp
on: 16/02/2018 | 13:07
Mega ( formerly MegaUpload ) gives a fair bit of space for free, 35Gb I think then more for completing steps and inviting others. I tested it out for someone else and it worked great to back up all the photos on my phone at full quality. Personally I use google photos on the phone as at high quality there's unlimited storage of your photos.
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by: grayme45
on: 16/02/2018 | 17:00

Only trouble is, unless you have superfast upload speeds, it takes ages over normal adsl, even though I get 18mpbs down, yet only about 2mbps up!

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