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Free BlackBerry unlock codes for giffgaff members.

Started by: woodyuk
On: 01/02/2012 | 16:35
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by: scottnemma
on: 10/02/2012 | 21:38

thanks very much for your help. we got there in the end lol

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by: audrey49
on: 10/02/2012 | 21:45 edited: 17/02/2012 | 22:36

hi audrey [removed personal details]

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by: nuff1974
on: 10/02/2012 | 21:59
woodyuk your a star thanx again mate... click on your star Smiley Wink
get a free sim from me as i'm great Smiley Wink i can also do you a lovely micro sim if you like big

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by: gr4ce
on: 11/02/2012 | 14:25
Woody, you're a star! You've just sorted my spare phone.

Have you got a paypal account so I can send a donation, please? You should put details in your signature so people can at least send you for a coffee or a beer Smiley Very Happy
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by: grabble
on: 14/02/2012 | 21:19

Woodyuk -  the code you gave me today worked like a dream.  I really am very grateful.  My 'hand me down 'Bblackberry is now up and running on giffgaff.  Once again many thanks.  Well deserved kudos added. 

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by: kdugdale
on: 15/02/2012 | 12:10
I don't have a blackberry, but that is a very generous jesture to other members, kudos to you for helping.
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by: ellis86
on: 15/02/2012 | 20:32

Kudos for you,


Thanks for this amazing offer!

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by: johnathonrobinson1
on: 15/02/2012 | 21:05
top guy! shame I no longer have a bb :-(
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by: gillsorrell
on: 16/02/2012 | 20:53 edited: 18/02/2012 | 16:53

[Removed Personal Details]

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by: woodyuk
on: 16/02/2012 | 21:23



It's never a good idea to post your phone's details in a public forum which is why the instructions at the start of this thread say to send me your details by PM.


Your unlock code is  7018248390159662

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