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GIFF GAFF APN settings for android phones

Started by: scubbla
On: 17/07/2011 | 12:21
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by: scubbla
on: 17/07/2011 | 12:21

downloaded the free Giff Gaff APN app from the android market.


It installs all of the settings that you need (web, mms etc) automatically and is really simple to use.




I hope this helps 

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by: shortylumber
on: 17/07/2011 | 12:24
Urmm already know this lol.

But glad it worked for yet another android user
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by: andymcandy
on: 17/07/2011 | 12:24
Well, this would help lots of people if it was a new guide, but unfortunately for you there is already an android guide out there:

It doesn't say anything about the Giffgaff APN app though however Smiley Wink
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by: martinwallis
on: 17/07/2011 | 12:33
Nothing new here, move along nothing to see :-P
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