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GUIDE: How to Unlock Orange San Francisco II (For Dummies)

Started by: agmeee
On: 27/01/2012 | 22:21
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by: agmeee
on: 27/01/2012 | 22:21 edited: 21/11/2012 | 21:10



Good evening giffgaffers, I just wanted to make a post with a simple guide on how to unlock the Orange San Francisco II for free. I’m trying to make the guide as simple as possible, and if you have any problems feel free to PM me (I’ll try to reply as soon as I can).


Please make sure you have WinRar installed as you will need this to open the files. If you don’t already have it installed you can download it from

This guide will also show you how to debrand your phone (this means that it gets rid of all the annoying apps and restrictions that Orange has put on the phone).


I'd like to thank Greenman for helping me along the way while I unlocked the phone myself.

By following the guide you will void your warranty, and I am in no way responsible if your phone breaks, as there is a very real possibility it will. It’s quite a long process but not too difficult so make sure you have time.

You may lose your phone contacts after following the guide, so make sure you save them somewhere other than the phone.


Also: Once this is complete, your phone will have a basic Android Rom on it with all the features most people need, including the Android Market (Google Play). The front camera for skype doesn't work, so if you need that then find another rom from the internet and use that instead. This guide will unlock your phone to all networks, not just giffgaff. Of course I do recommend you join giffgaff though to take advantage of the unlimited internet! Smiley Happy


1. Take the MicroSD card out of your phone and put it in your computer. (Or connect your phone to your computer, making sure file sharing is enabled).

2. Download OR These are the ROMs you need to install to get rid of the Orange branding. You'll only need one, the latter is recommended by paulaaronevans and appears to have less bugs. Once you’ve downloaded it, rename it ‘update’ and place it on the SD card (not in any folders). Now you can put the SD card back in your phone.
3. Download the file from . This is the main folder full of all the files you will need.
4. Extract OSF_II_Unlocking.rar (You can do this by right clicking on the file and choosing ‘extract here’)
5. Open the extracted folder, then open ’01 USB Drive’ and install the driver (Handset_USB_Driver.exe)
6. Go back to the main folder and open ’02 QPST2.7_366’, and double click on ‘setup’ to install QPST.
7. On your phone, enable USB debugging (Menu, Settings, Applications, Development, make sure USB debugging has a green tick next to it)
8. Connect your phone to the computer with a USB cable and wait for the computer to recognise the device. Now go back to the main folder (OSF_II_Unlocking) and open ’03 Preparation’.
9. Open the ‘install-recovery-windows’ file. This may take up to 10 minutes to complete but only took 5 seconds for me. Do not touch the phone while the process is happening. Once complete, disconnect the USB cable, switch off phone and remove battery. If your phone gets stuck on the android logo and doesn't change for a few minutes and WindowsRecovery says 'waiting for device', you can skip this step.
10. Re-insert the battery and switch on the phone, holding the volume down button at the same time. Your screen should say ‘FTM’ on it. Reconnect USB cable.
11. Open ‘QPST Configuration’ - you installed this earlier. (Open Start menu, Search for QPST)
12. Click the tab labelled ‘ports’, then ‘Add new port’. Click on the only port available in the white box, and then click OK.
13. Now select ‘Start Clients’ at the top of the window, and choose ‘software download’.
14. Select the ‘Backup’ tab and choose the location you want to save the QCN file (any location is fine). Click start.
15. Back to the main folder again, OSF_II_Unlocking, open ’04 Unlock SFII’ and run ‘download’. Press ‘START’ to start the unlocking process – this will take about 10 minutes. If 'start' is greyed out, try disabling your antivirus and firewall, and close QPST configuration. If the progress bar becomes stuck for more than a few minutes, right-click and select ZTE. Do this as many times as you need to make the progress bar become unstuck.
16. Open ‘QPST Configuration’ again, select ‘start client’ and then ‘software download’ from the menu.
17. Select the ‘Restore’ tab, and click browse to find the QCN file that you saved earlier. (Make sure “Allow phone/file ESN mismatch” is checked, then click ‘Start’.
18. Remove the USB cable and battery, and insert your giffgaff sim card.
19. Switch the phone back on. You should be represented with a menu. Select ‘apply’, then select yes. Your phone should now start up and be fully unlocked and debranded!

I hope you found this guide helpful, previous guides I came across didn’t explain every step very well so I wrote this one, which worked for me. Please pass it on to everyone who wants their San Fran II Unlocked! Smiley Happy

Just to remind you, feel free to PM me if you have any problems or improvements I can make to the guide.


Some people have been reporting screen issues after following this guide, so if you have these please look through the comments on page 7. (Thanks to killerjbi). If you're having any other issues,read through the comments to see if there's a solution or post a comment and someone should reply shortly. Alternatively, PM me.

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mgb2 wrote:

excellent, post bookmarked for disribution...

do you want to make it bitly agmee?

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brulaw wrote:

@ agmeee ,
Excellent post  , thumbup.gif Tagged it so it links to  the San francisco threads . 


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