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Getting a PAC code from 3

Started by: davidsinfield
On: 25/07/2011 | 10:44
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by: davidsinfield
on: 25/07/2011 | 10:44

I've been on some sort of rolling contract with 3 and I just called to get a PAC code so I can switch my second phone to giffgaff. I was kept on the line for 25 minutes while they came up with all kinds of mad offers to keep me in the contract. None could match the 10 pound goodybag.


So here's the top tip bit. Just say 'I'm recording this call and will be sending the recording to trading standards and offcom. Please supply me with a code"


Sorted in seconds...

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by: kiwatche
on: 25/07/2011 | 11:00
I was with 3 for about 3 weeks and had no reception so asked for my pac and they said they wont give it because id been with them less than a month and couldnt port my number out. I said iv had that number for over 5 years and if i loose it id take them to court, i'll wait 30 minutes then get in touch with ofcom and put the phone down. In 5 minutes they text me the pac and just under 30 minutes they called me to make sure id got it and asked if i was still going to ofcom.
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by: dannay
on: 25/07/2011 | 11:43
I suppose everyone has different experiences..

i thought three customer service was very nice to me when i complained about signal problems in my area which had gotten worse for some reason, thats the problem with living in a valley with three only doing 3G signal.. 3g signal is rubbish at long distances..

Anyway.. i phoned them up and they happily let me cancel my contract which had at the time 10 months left.. for FREE! i thought aww how kind, they said they would allow me to cancel as no work will be planned in my area for at least a year

I thought this was excellent customer service, and if i move in the near future if o2 havn't sorted out there completly rubbish 3G signal i will probably go back to them as i used to get proper 3G H signal everywhere except my house.. middle of a field i got it boom fast internet.. o2.. oh your not in a town so you have no chance of getting 3G eughhhh...

but that was just my personal experience with them and i thought they were very helpful and whenever i called them throughout my contract if there were any problems they were happy to help..

Wonder why they were different to you guys? hmm.
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by: davidsinfield2
on: 25/07/2011 | 13:47

It could be because I was a very high value user last year...I was in France living in a tipi and was running up >200gbp bills. I'm moving all my French usage to a french lycamobile sim. Now if giffgaff could partner with a French operator and come up with a good roaming deal...

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by: icklesimba
on: 25/07/2011 | 13:58
I had to write to the chairman of 3 to get mine in the end. The UK side are ok but the foreign call centres were a nightmare
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by: soban
on: 25/07/2011 | 14:16

i ended my contract with 3 because of bad reception too,

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by: billys
on: 25/07/2011 | 22:16

When I worked for O2 we were always in contact with other network operators. Need I say who was the most difficult to deal with? I thought not!!!  Smiley Wink

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by: jps123
on: 25/07/2011 | 22:25
I thought 3's customer care was terrible but im glad you had a good agent @dannay
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by: rawrling
on: 03/01/2012 | 12:35

three has the worst signal, worst customer services, worse evrything, getting my pac code and moving to giffgaff instantly.

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by: srbt1
on: 24/04/2013 | 18:00

Three gave me a hard sale last time I tried to get my PAC. I can understand it from their point of view (in fact, I'm afraid I was one of those they convinced to stay with them for another year).


However, this time round I couldn't get reception at work; I told them that and the conversation took only about 5 minutes in total. 


So if you want to get a PAC code quickly from three, I recommend telling them you have no reception where you work (if they ask, you could say you work in a large building or something, and that others have reception there); then you shouldn't get the hard sell, as there's nothing they can do if you don't have reception.


Good luck!

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