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GiffGaff on Google Nexus 1

Started by: alvintc
On: 15/01/2010 | 15:23
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by: alvintc
on: 15/01/2010 | 15:23 edited: 15/01/2010 | 15:33

So, people wanted to know if the Google N1 works on GiffGaff? Yep Smiley Happy





I'd embed the video... but clicking the video button pops up the forum topic list (both in IE 8 and Chrome).


My settings are:

Settings -> Wireless & networks -> Mobile networks

Access point Names

Menu -> New APN

Name: giffgaff (although I guess you could use whatever you want)



Port: 8080

username: giffgaff

password: password



I'm still playing with the mmc settings... but it's not something I use anyway!

If anyone has any questions, I'll try and answer them!



Google Nexus One user
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by: rb30inside
on: 15/01/2010 | 18:03

I think im going to order one as soon as pay day arrives. i have had my G1 for far to long now.


How do you find the battery? i only get 4 hrs of continuance use on the G1, lol




Here are the MMS Setting for Android.


Name: giffgaff - mms




Username: giffgaff

Password: password


MMS proxy:

MMS port: 8080

MCC: 234

MNC: 10

APN type: mms


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Having problems setting up your Free GiffGaff data on your Definitive APN Settings list see here -
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by: alvintc
on: 15/01/2010 | 19:02

Battery is good for 10 hours.. depending what you're doing!


I did put the MMS settings in the other day... but then lost all net connectivity... so more experimentation (or a PEBCAK error)

Google Nexus One user
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by: rb30inside
on: 16/01/2010 | 10:44

I might beable to live with the battery life.


You need to put the mms in as a sperate APN entry in android.




GiffGaff - GPRS Data

GaffGaff - MMS





If my answer helps, then don't forget to give me a Kudos!!

Having problems setting up your Free GiffGaff data on your Definitive APN Settings list see here -
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by: mikemackay
on: 13/03/2010 | 20:22

These settings dont work with my Nexus One.  


Theres another set of settings posted somewher on the giffgaff site for the G1 phone, but those dont work either.


In fact Ive yet to find settings that allow a giffgaff sim to be operational on a nexus one.


Giffgaff themselves havent been able to advise anything that would work.


Symptoms:  giffgaff-sim-enabled phone accepts and makes landline calls,  phone does not accept or make mobile calls,  phone does not accept or send txt messages,  phone allows no interent activity (except thru wifi).


Any advise gratefully received.



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by: andy0
on: 13/03/2010 | 20:55 edited: 13/03/2010 | 21:01

Mike, whilst people will undoubtedly be sympathetic to this issue you have at the moment, it isn't going to be progressed by you posting the same thing on about a dozen threads so far.


As someone has already pointed out, neither giffgaff or any other network offers support on that phone.


And when it was suggested you try the giffgaff SIM in a different phone, or a different SIM in that phone, to try to test whether the problem is with the SIM or the phone and thus narrow down the problem, you seem to have impatiently refused. I don't understand that.

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by: simon69c
on: 14/03/2010 | 12:39

Yes the fact that you can make calls to some numbers and not others suggests to me that it is either an issue with your SIM not being properly activated (which testing in another handset would quickly confirm), or else the phone itself is somehow screwed up (which testing another SIM in your Nexus would confirm).  You shouldn't need to "set anything up" on a phone in order for it to make calls to mobiles when it makes calls to landlines ok, and similarly it is incredibly unusual to not be able to text from a phone - that's something that should "just work" when you put a properly active SIM in any handset (assuming it's unlocked - which being a Nexus One it will be).  I suspect the lack of internet connection is simply a symptom of whatever it is that is preventing those other things not working too.


I would strongly recommend seeing if you can try the SIM in another phone just so you can narrow down that it is a SIM issue - then that will help giffgaff resolve the situation a lot more quickly.

Get a free Giffgaff SIM / microSIM
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by: trick202
on: 16/03/2010 | 19:26

If I were you:


By now, I would have ordered another SIM (after explaining the issues to GG) and activated it.


If it DOES work, great! Contact GG and get them to merge the accounts in some way so you get all your credit, and the phone number you want out of the two.


If it DOESN'T work, send your phone back - it needs looking at. OR, stop a passer by in the street and get them to put their SIM in there.


Android phones are for geeks. I mean that in a very respectful way - seriously. You need to know your onions to live with an Android device. It's not a watered-down smartphone like my iPhone is - it's the real deal. I'm assuming that you're reasonably techie to invest in a £500 phone that's unlocked and unsupported. If you're not, then I can assure you this won't be the only problem you have with it. Android devices can do anything pretty much - but you need the experience and knowledge to understand how to get there - it's not a Nokia.


I bet you my nailclippers and old stick of chapstick in my desk drawer that it's a SIM issue.



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by: mikemackay
on: 17/03/2010 | 09:31

Rich that is useful.   


And. Ok, everyone thats encouraging me to do my own engineering here and get a hold of another sim and/or move this sim to another unlocked phone,  i give in,  i'll now go ahead and find a way of doing just that, and report back.  


Thanks all



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by: trick202
on: 17/03/2010 | 09:37

For the record mate, I REALLY hope you get it sorted. 


GG is great, and the Nexus one is supposed to be a really good phone too - makes for a good partnership.

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