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Guide to maximise your payback for newbies !

Started by: trudiw
On: 08/06/2011 | 21:08
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by: trudiw
on: 08/06/2011 | 21:08 edited: 13/01/2012 | 08:38

[edited to add in link to Tagging Guidelines thread]


Helping on the giffgaff forum can be great fun and earn you payback, Here are a few tips for newbies who want to start earning payback Smiley Very Happy


  • It's best to start off by reading other giffgaffers posts to gain a feel for how the forum works and to learn answers. Or even better read the FAQ's and you will become a fountain of knowledge Smiley Wink
  • When you see a question you know the answer to then answer it, but only if you have new information to add, don't just copy what others have said.
  • Learn from your mistakes, if someone tells you you have made a mistake then thank them, and learn from it, they are making sure that the correct answer is given.
  • Be polite and friendly when posting
  • If you have a new idea to submit then search first! Someone else has probably already suggested it but you never know!
  • Adding tags can help useful threads be found but don't tag until you understand how to do it properly, please see the Tagging Guidelines thread for full details. It won't help payback but it can help you be promoted, don't go mad though 32 is the most ever needed and unhelpful tags all have to be removed by someone!

Things not to do, all of the below could lead to you having your payback taken away so be careful! Smiley Mad


  • Don't just guess the answer, you need to be sure you are giving the correct information.
  • Don't answer questions for the sake of it, only answer if you have something to add that hasn't been said.
  • Don't post ask an agent just because you don't know the answer, the poster will just be sent back to the community if a question can be answered by us.
  • Give kudos if people deserve it but be careful of giving it to friends too often, kudos has no effect on payback but if you are thought to be cheating it can lead to you losing payback!
  • Don't add to really old threads we are easily confused and can think it's a new post!!
  • No sim touting, you are allowed a banner at the bottom of your post but please don't ask people to order a sim from you.


If you need any other help or advice then feel free to PM me Smiley Happy



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by: ixape
on: 08/06/2011 | 21:10

Nice guide, kudos Smiley Very Happy


*old instead of ols Smiley Wink

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by: safe_1996
on: 08/06/2011 | 21:11
Good guide Smiley Happy
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by: teddy77
on: 08/06/2011 | 21:12

Every newbie should be directed here Smiley Happy
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by: trudiw
on: 08/06/2011 | 21:14

ThanksSmiley Wink any more errors or additions anyone ?

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by: jamesdn
on: 08/06/2011 | 21:14

Just to add to this, here is how to pointlessly boost your post count and clog up the forums without needing to know a single thing about giffgaff!!


Just participate in any of the following;


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by: brulaw
on: 08/06/2011 | 21:16

Nice post  Trudi .......... Smiley Happy

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by: teddy77
on: 08/06/2011 | 21:17
Agreed with james
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by: berniethebolt
on: 08/06/2011 | 21:18

Nice one trudiw!


Couple of typos I've spotted:


Line 5 - "them thank them"


Last bullet - "it,s a new post"

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by: trudiw
on: 08/06/2011 | 21:21

@bernie I am sacking my proof reader (andreww) thanks Smiley Wink

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