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HTC Wildfire Internet (APN) Settings Walkthough - With screenshots!

Started by: srandom
On: 31/08/2010 | 15:25
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by: srandom
on: 31/08/2010 | 15:25 edited: 22/07/2011 | 15:28



Below is a complete walkthrough of the setting up internet on the HTC Wildfire. Hopefully it will help anyone feeling overwhelmed by the instructions. The settings below are based on the ones supplied by mhoomag1 and work for me with both internet and MMS but if they don't work for you, you'll find various different versions if you do a search.

But the process of entering them should be the same.


It may be the exact same settings for the HTC Desire.



1. Click to the button to view All Apps at the bottom-left



2. Find and click Settings on the All Apps page



3. Find and click Wireless & Networks



4. Make sure Mobile Network is ticked and then click Mobile Networks




5. Click on Access Point Names



6. You might see a blank page now or you may see O2 already listed here. Either way just click the Menu button below your screen





7. Click New APN




8. Click on each item and add the appropriate settings



For me I found the following to work:


Name: giffgaff


Proxy <Not set>

Port: 8080

Username: giffgaff

Password: password



MMS proxy:

MMS port: 8080

MMS protocol: WAP 2.0

MCC: 234

MNC: 10

Authentication type: <Not set>

APN type: <Not set>






9. When done, Click the Menu button below the screen and then Save




10. On the next screen, make sure giffgaff is selected (Green mark next to its name)




If the settings have worked, a letter shoud appear at the top of your phone

(eg H or G etc depending on your coverage)


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by: raybbl
on: 25/09/2010 | 21:20
doesn't texting SETTINGS to 2020 work on HTC
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by: darrenpainter
on: 25/09/2010 | 21:23
2020 doesn't work for Android, Iphone or Blackberry devices
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by: myexsex
on: 02/12/2010 | 00:20

it worked for me today 01-01-2010. with these very settings. I am gratefull to you sir.

many thanks.

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by: mothdust
on: 22/12/2010 | 09:58

worked for me after my Wildfire updated to Froyo - thanks very much! 

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by: beejam2
on: 23/12/2010 | 21:02

i think i'm gonna have to bookmark this page as my kids have been looking at these phones to buy with xmas money , so best for me to be prepared to input the settings ,Smiley Very Happy i can hear the kids now  saying when they get the phone  "sort the settings out mam please" Smiley Surprised

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by: liam13
on: 06/01/2011 | 20:28
thank god someone who actually knows what they are talking about Smiley Very Happy the screen shots help a great deal!
many thanks!
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by: ben_nicholson
on: 06/01/2011 | 21:37

This worked for me, but like another member, for some reason the new APN settings would only "take", when I had the original TESCO sim inserted. 


After that I just put the giff gaff sim in and it worked a treat.


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by: srandom
on: 06/01/2011 | 23:23

As I mentioned here, I had big problems putting in the details after the Froyo update. Seems Android is not without its quirks when adding these settings sometimes.

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by: ohstace
on: 15/02/2011 | 21:52

Worked a treat! Thanks Smiley Happy

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