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How to enter a PUK code into a ZTE Blade/Orange San Francisco

Started by: scubbla
On: 09/05/2011 | 19:32
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by: scubbla
on: 09/05/2011 | 19:32

Hey all


I accidentally PUK locked my GG sim whilst messing around with a ZTE Blade running Cyanogen Mod 7. It was easy enough to obtain the PUK from GG but entering it into the phone proved to be a bit of a chore to say the least.


For those of you who are experiencing similar problems I have now found out how to do it. Please see below:



Touch the Emergency call button at the bottom/middle of screen of your phone and enter this with the keypad
**05*<PUK Code>*<enter a new pin>*<confirm the new pin>#
Example input: **05*123456789*1234*1234#
I'm not sure if this will work on a stock ZTE Blade but it may help some of you who are stuck.
Hope this helps!!


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by: brulaw
on: 09/05/2011 | 20:49

Very useful information ...... Thank You  .Smiley Happy

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by: wman2
on: 09/05/2011 | 21:10

Thanks for that - didn't realise it was so difficult Smiley Happy

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by: paulspost
on: 12/06/2011 | 05:58
This just got me out of a hole thanks!
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by: majorsyan
on: 17/08/2011 | 07:48
IT WORKS! Thankyou Smiley Happy
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by: sarah_v
on: 07/09/2011 | 18:49
Thanks, saved me an hour or so !
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by: grendall
on: 08/09/2011 | 13:19

Worked perfectly, thanks

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by: situatedcoma
on: 16/09/2011 | 11:30

I'm running Cyanogen aswel, thank you very very much =)

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by: hazeljk
on: 22/09/2011 | 17:05

Thank you so much, that is brilliant! Just switched to giffgaff today and was preparing to throw my San Francisco phone out the window in frustration when I couldnt find out where to put the PUK code in.Woman Very Happy

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