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How to insert short, clickable links

Started by: hg
On: 12/06/2010 | 01:46
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by: hg
on: 12/06/2010 | 01:46 edited: 12/06/2010 | 02:38


Have you noticed that some people are inserting short, clickable links into their posts, while you are still copy / pasting the whole URL ?  How are they doing that ?

It's simple really .... once you know how  :smileywink:   Let's use as an example a link which you might want to insert yourself while you are helping someone:

Suppose you wanted to refer someone to the excellent post by clairekav, which she called "Newbies: FAQ's". 


You could  just type (or copy/paste) the whole URL into your message, but that's so messy: Newbies-FAQ-s/m-p/22244#U22244  


Something like claire's FAQ would do the job, whilst looking so much neater  :smileyindifferent:


Here's how to do it:  When you get to the place in your post where you want to insert the link, click the "Insert Link" icon at the top of the text-entry box.  That's the icon labelled in the following picture:



A command box will then open-up, as shown below:



You need only concern yourself with the first two slots:  "Link Text" and "Link URL".


"Link Text" is what your readers will see, so we'll type claire's FAQ. in there.

"Link URL" is the actual link, so that's where you type (or paste) - taking care not to delete, or accidentally duplicate, the "http://"


Don't worry - it will all fit  :smileyhappy:


Next, left-click your mouse on the "Insert" button at the bottom of the box, to close it, and then continue typing anything else you need to add in your post.


Remember to check that the link actually works !   If you click the "Preview" button at the top of the text-entry box, you should see that your mouse-pointer changes to a pointing finger when you hold it over your clickable link.  That will show you that the link has been inserted properly - but it may not check that the URL can actually be found.  You may need to check that after you have actually posted your message, by clicking on the link yourself.


If it takes you where you wanted it to take your readers; great  :smileyindifferent:   If it doesn't, you will need to check that you have the URL correct and re-edit your post to correct that.


Quick tip, using the same example:  If you had typed claire's FAQ and highlighted it before you opened the "Insert Link" box, claire's FAQ would have been inserted for you automatically, leaving you just to deal with the actual URL  :smileyhappy:


A final reminder:  If you use coloured text, remember that clickable links are normally shown automatically in blue.  If your chosen text colour doesn't contrast too well with the link colour, you may want to change the colour of your links so that they aren't so easily missed  :smileywink:   For example, notice that I have changed all my links to deep purple.


[Edit:]  Click here if you need help to find the URL of a specific post.





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by: allan1954
on: 13/06/2010 | 08:00

welldone hg another good post.

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