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How to make official giffgaff complaints

Started by: chillipanda
On: 20/02/2014 | 19:13
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by: chillipanda
on: 20/02/2014 | 19:13

The page which tells you how to make an official giffgaff complaint, because sometimes you get nowhere on the forums.


Below is a mail I posted for the whole maestro card payment removal fiasco and because we are in the minority we were getting nowhere, well there is a route you can take and thats the official route.




Okay after a good bit of poking giffgaffs twitter account with verbal sticks and stone, they manage to actually send me a link that takes me to a page they say it does.


So here we go the proper complaints procedure


The steps can be broken down into the following.


So basically you can skip the "ask an agent" step as there is no correct subcatogery to select and we have asked i the community to no avail.

The next step is to either mail them at

 or write to them at 


giffgaff Ltd
11 Vine Street


Though the paper route will take longer.


Make sure you send with these detials:-

  • Your name and address 
  • Your giffgaff mobile number and your username
  • A daytime / alternative contact number 
  • A suggestion of what you'd like us to do to put things right

Complaints for those who have maestro, then you need to, obviously be polite so they have no excuse to ignore it . Even if you fund multiple accounts e.g. family send a complaint in per person, more complaints count.


A) specify how it is unfair and what position it has put you in because they gave no notice to change part of the service which is the payment (this part will probably be their undoing in the eyes of the ombisman). If your disabled/incapacitated some way please tell them how it is affected you and demand why they gave no notice. 


B) Suggest what they can do to put it right, so demand that the manual part is re-instated because of the position it has placed you in, specify that auto-top up is not a concern and you are happy to do it manually each month, but the fact that the action giffgaff has taken mean either you have to change banks or cannot get an account that will give you another payment method and how it is inconvenient for you to get a voucher(especially if your incapacitated in some way).


For those who don't have a maestro card or simply possibly don't care as it doesn't affect you, then please think again how unfair this has been, just because it doesn't affect you now it doesn't mean that some future immediate change might effect a certain minority of you and there willnothing you can do about it, well you can do something now. This is supposed to be a community, the fact that it's members helps each member other, which is the most precious thing about it and communities should stick together. Since the maestro option doesn't affect you whether it stays or go.

I simply ask for a few minutes of your time to help the minority and safeguard yourself by sending a complaint mail to and specify that you think it's unfair that they give no notice on terminations of services like the maestro payment fiasco and suggest/demand they put at least a 30 day notice period on any termination of any service in future, even if it is just to safeguard yourselves. 


The more of you that do means they will have to sit up and take notice and take action, make the giffgaff tagline true that it is run by us, show them the power of the community!



So you should will get an answer within 5 days, if you don't then goto straight to contact the Ombudsman and state that they are not answering your complaint and therefore in a deadlock situation.


They have upto 8 weeks to come to a agreed solutions with you, at anytime if they are not willing to accomadate what you require to rectify it, it becomes deadlock  and you can contact the ombudsman before the 8 weeks are up. Agin you will need to give them the information what happen and unfairly treated you have been and send them all correspondence you had with the complaint.


Ombudsman Services: Communications 
PO Box 730 


Phone: 0845 050 1614 
Textphone: 0845 051 1513

Email: **email_removed**



For me unless giffgaff put the maestro manual payment back I will be taken it all the way, simply because they should not be allowed to treat people this way even if it is a 1% minority.


For those that help a big thankyou.



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by: mh769
on: 20/02/2014 | 19:20
ok, good luck
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by: wjack2010
on: 20/02/2014 | 19:38
Good advice, I urge everyone who is stuck with the removal of maestro to make a complaint.
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by: stuntdouble
on: 20/02/2014 | 23:04

Well you cetainly made your point very well. 

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