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How to make the most money for items on a Facebook FaceBay | Toxiic's Tips

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On: 30/08/2017 | 20:12
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by: toxiic
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By Toxiic


Money makes the world go around – and, that’s true!

Whether you need the money, having a clear-out or just want to make a name for yourself, a good place to (weirdly) start is on a platform that has over 1 billion users. That place is Facebook.

In this post, I’ll be talking (writing, really) about how to make the most amount of money by selling your unneeded (or needed!) items on Facebook for a quick injection of liquid assets – nice!


I won’t include how to set yourself up on a Facebay group, if you need help with that, see  here.

If you don’t know how to publish a listing on a Facebay group, click here.




The first thing to do is join a local Facebay group.

This is a group that is set up in your local area for people to buy and sell items, set up by people on Facebook.

This’ll help you to not have to shell out a lot of money on expensive (and time-consuming) delivery charges for people miles away. And, you might make a few friends while you’re at it.


You could use Facebook MarketPlace as opposed to Facebay, or both. Both of which work in roughly the same way.

Note: If you can’t find one in your local area, try searching for area facebay that are near you.

Once you’ve found one, tap to join or request access (which alerts the page moderator, who determines your access to the group).

It’s worth checking the group rules beforehand (as some groups persist on rules being followed when being in the group).



Next, you need to take some photos.


This is often not as easy as it sounds.

Depending on what the item is that you’re selling, you need to take pictures of as many aspects of the item as possible. Also, be sure to snap a picture of any damage to the item (as the buyer won’t be happy if they show up to a dent in the side of a washing machine – for example).


Even if you’ve got an old Nokia phone, it’s best to attach pictures to the post than nothing at all (as buyers want to see pictures). And, no, don’t be one of those people who use stock images (if possible) – that doesn’t look very legitimate.



Following on, you need to write about your item. This is an important factor to the buyer.


Some people just state the very minimal or nothing at all about the item, which leaves buyers to ask the questions – where the buyer has to do more research than they should.


Now, if you cant think of anything to write about (it doesn’t have to be essays full of info) then some ideas are:

  • price,
  • when you got the item,
  • if you haven’t used the item very much,
  • reason for selling,
  • some RRP prices,
  • what the item does (don’t have to if it’s obvious),
  • whether you like the full price or are open to offers,
  • where you’re based (not exact location),
  • if you can deliver or not,
  • if you want cash on collection (if not, Paypal Goods And Services is a good option),
  • if there’s a warranty on the item,
  • if you still have proof of purchase for the item (useful if it’s a higher priced item).



So, up until now, you’ve got pictures and a description. Next up is a price, this one takes some researching.


You’re going to need to think of a price (using the internet, of course!) which isn’t too low that the buyer gets it for almost nothing (unless you’re absolutely minted) and you don’t get swarmed by buyers and not too high that buyers can easily just go elsewhere for a cheaper product, most likely with a warranty.


Check the prices on bigger and smaller retailers on the internet and see if you can find a good price point between low and high – whilst checking if anyone else in the Facebay group has sold that/a similar item and its price.


Remember to state if you would accept offers.Unless you disagree, it’s a good idea to put this.



So, currently you now have some pics, a description and a price. You’re all ready to hit the post button, so, go for it.

Depending on the group settings, a moderator might have to approve your post first, but don’t worry.



So, depending on the popularity of the group and what you’ve just taken pictures of, wrote about and priced up – you might see a few offers or comments saying someone is interested. If you don’t see this after a day or two, don’t worry – it doesn’t exactly mean your time has gone to waste. Just wait a while longer and see if anything turns up.



If you do receive offers, it’s best not to take the first offer you get instantly.

Some buyers will just try you for a duff offer, hoping they’ll get lucky and you’ll be pressured into taking it. Although, if after a while offers that you get are not at all like you wanted, it could mean that you may need to revise the price – as it may be too high.

If after that you still get offers that you feel are dismal, it might be worth trying another group or just waiting it out to see if anything springs up. Keep a check if anyone in the groups you follow says they’re looking for the same/ a similar item that you’re selling.



If you really cannot get the price you want, then you don’t have to sell the item at all, or you can just try Gumtree/ Shpock. There’s other places that you can sell your item – so don’t be disheartened if you don’t get what you were looking for.



Anyway, I hope you find this guide useful (albeit long) and it shows that you don’t have to just stick to one place when trying to sell any items or anything like that – trial other methods to get the most money for you.  


So, the question is: would you use Facebook to sell your unwanted items?To view more content.pngTo view more of my content, click the blue text just under this, as arrowed in the picture above.




Thanks for viewing.



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