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How to remove candle wax from a carpet.

Started by: pinkunykorn
On: 18/01/2019 | 18:18
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by: pinkunykorn
on: 18/01/2019 | 18:18

Hi everyone. Here is a tip that I want share.

Take a paper bag and cut it in a square piece. 

Make your iron hot.

Place the paper on affected areas of carpet and iron it, wax willmelt and will stick on paper and that's it.

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by: sibtahmed
on: 19/01/2019 | 11:19
Good morning @pinkunykorn
Nice tip. thanks for sharing.
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by: beautifulflowers
on: 19/01/2019 | 18:50
Useful tip.thanks for sharing
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by: davelufc62
on: 21/01/2019 | 22:04
Nice one pal thanks for the tip cos I just recently spilled some hot wax on my carpet.
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by: sheppola
on: 24/01/2019 | 10:36 edited: 24/01/2019 | 10:37




If you don't mind the smell for a while Turpentine substitute melts candle wax Smiley Happy

Grate some candle wax and mix with some White Spirit/Turpentine Substitute.Wipe and or brush into canvas or leather trainers/shoes/gloves etc and work in as a Water/Rain repellent Smiley Happy

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by: haseebhejazi
on: 12/02/2019 | 08:14
Thnx and this is very good and useful tip.
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by: haseebhejazi
on: 12/02/2019 | 08:15
Good tip .you can use
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by: kicker
on: 16/02/2019 | 16:19

Handy tip to know, thanks for this @pinkunykorn

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